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Cittie of Yorke Pub Venue is a Hit with FOCAL Party Goers

6 December 2006

FOCAL International members celebrated the year end in the historic wood panelled Cittie Of Yorke pub which boasts the longest bar in Britain. Real ale and good pub food ensured a thoroughly enjoyable evening and grateful thanks go to sponsors: * AP Archive * TK One Ltd * ITN Source * Metro Broadcast * Clips & Footage * RealScreen.

Raffle prizes were donated by: Fremantle Archive Sales, INA, WPA, Pharos Communications, Cittie of Yorke Pub, Bridgeman Art Library, Reid & Casement, National Geographic, Buelah, BBC Motion Gallery.

Adrian Wood weighed down with "Zippy" and other raffle prizes gifted by Fremantle Archive Sales.

Pauline St Hilaire from INA, came over from Paris to donate a bottle of champagne, but went back with a bottle of gin!

Laura Scougall from ITN Source

Diane Rankin from RealScreen, co-sponsors of the party and also FOCAL Awards Media Partner

Party co-sponsor Alison Mercer of Clips & Footage (right) with Researcher, Liz Fay

L-R Taylor Downing of Flashback Television, David Atkinson and Luci Weir of TMR

(L-R) Anne Fleming, with Paul Maidment of BBC Motion Gallery (centre) and colleagues

Adrian Wood with Sarah-Jane Gear of IMG Media

(L-R) Rob James, BBC Motion Gallery, Adam Ambery Smith, Researcher and Jenny Hammerton, Film Images

George Marshall, Researcher with Nugus Martin.

(L-R) Nic Peters, Sky News, Researcher, Victoria Stable, Rob Lloyd of Clips & Footage and Raelene McKechnie of Sky News.

(L-R) Nathalie Banaigs, Moving Image Communications, Ray Sidwell, CNN ImageSource, Alwyn Lindsey, AP Archive - co-sponsors of the party.

(L-R) Researchers, Jenny Foster, Declan Smith, James Barker and Pauline St Hilaire from INA

Larry McKinna, ITN Source and Andrew Ault, IMG Media Archive

Co-sponsor Alf Penn, TK One Ltd.

(L-R) Liz Cooper and Coral Benjamin from Granad International.

(L-R) Claudine Ellis, Selina Vanier and Greg Richards of World Images

(L-R) James Wester and Robert Dewar of Huntley Film Archives with Researcher, James Smith in the middle.

Adam Ambery Smith

Paul Robinson of TMR