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FOCAL Awards Promoted at MIPCOM 2005

1 October 2005

The recent MIPCOM television festival in Cannes provided a suitable launch pad for the FOCAL International Awards 2006.

"With so many production companies and sales agents promoting their latest programme catalogues, there was no shortage of interest in submitting programmes across all the main award categories: history, current affairs, sports, entertainment and natural history," reported Julie Lewis, General Manager FOCAL International, "So we are expecting another bumper crop of entries to the next Awards."

"We also found that in talking with these companies, many were actively selling footage or wanted to develop that side of their business, so they were keen to learn about how FOCAL could help," continued FOCAL's Commercial Manager, Anne Johnson."

Hosting the FOCAL Reception

It was also a valuable opportunity for existing FOCAL library members to get together informally with others who are about to join, and this was made possible due to the generosity of Matt White, Executive Vice President Digital Markets of National Geographic TV & Film Library who hosted the FOCAL International drinks. Seen here with Melissa Rice.


                  (Above) Representing the main sponsors of the FOCAL International Awards 2006                                                 
           (Above) Representing the main sponsors               Veronique Foucault, APTN Library (left)        (from left to right) Annie Beljean, TSR - Television                of the FOCAL International Awards 2006                      with Clara Fon-Sing, Ina (right)                     Suisse Romande, Bertrand Loyer, MD Saint                                                                                                                                                                             Thomas Productions and Victoria Metzger, RTBF



           TI Com Net represented here by                       Taking a well earned rest, existing FOCAL                 Barry Florin, MD British Movietonews
            Toshie Yoshida, President and                      libray members: Derek Blades, Images of War              (left) with Bill Rudgard, CCTV Archive 
      Mark Hamilton, International Producer                      (left) with David Hooper, Espresso TV



                                                                                  (Left to Right) Lauren Roberts, Greenlight Television,
                                                                                   Jayne Thuraisamy, Film Australia with Jon Quayle,
                                                                       reputed to be the Intergalactic Media Player for Duke International!



               On behalf of the United               Colette Forest and Claude                   (Left to right) Charlie Wu and Harley                    Paivi Moore,           
               Nations, Caroline Petit,            Ouellet from CBC Radio-Canada         Alexander of APTN with Adrian Johnson           Head of YLE Export
                  Head of Promotion                of Mr Footage - hopefully soon to
                    and Distribution                    become another new member!

Details of all these companies and those mentioned above, plus the services they offer, can be found on the FOCAL web Directory and also, soon, in the FOCAL International Members Directory 2005-06.



Anne Johnson or Julie Lewis - Tel: +44 (0)20 8423 5853