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"Speed-dating" for Libraries is a Hit at FOCAL's First Footage Fair

1 July 2004

FOCAL's first Footage Fair got off to a flying start with 70+ people registered to see 12 footage libraries give a series of 10 minute promotional presentations.

The contributors included:


The event was hosted by Globix at their global internet network hub in the centre of London. Lord St John of Bletso, Snr VP of Business Development for Globix, welcomed FOCAL and wished them every success with their first Footage Fair.

Libraries approached the task of presenting themselves in a variety of ways from showing 10 minute clip reels which "speak for themselves", as was the case from Patrick Smith on behalf of National Geographic, WPA and ZDF libraries to briefings on how to access on-line clips through their database, such as that given by Anja Heimsch of Framepool. In between the main presentation sessions, the audience which included producers, archive researchers, and other library personnel, were given refreshments plus time to network and get more ideas on the content available.

The Footage Fair showcase was a resounding success and FOCAL's Commercial Manager, Anne Johnson later commented that the format of the event was ready to be taken abroad so that more content users can be given a chance to see the wonderful gems that FOCAL's footage library members have to sell.

Between the libraries' presentations, delegates were able to network and ask more detailed questions about the range of content on offer and the type of service to expect.

Amongst the content users attending was Award winning archive researcher Adrian Wood, seen here chatting to Moving Images' Nathalie Banaigs, and new recruit, Claire Austin who has recently come back into the footage business after a few years' break.

Whilst Angela Saward of Film Images stuck to a solo presentation of their fascinating collection of stock shot and variety clips together with public information material from the COI and Overseas Film & TV Library.

TWI Archive together with OTAB was represented by Rory Maxwell who not only showed an exciting reel of sports images from around the world, but also a very useful collection of quality images of well known places, from the pyramids to Rio, and Ayres Rock to New York.

Robert Dungate's presentation on behalf of BDFL, included exciting images from the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and the Army.

Thierry Rolland was proud to present his new library L'Atelier des Archives. With his usual humour, he showed clips from the outtakes of various war correspondents who covered conflicts in Indo-China and North Africa, amongst them, Roger Pic.

Anja Heimsch showed a collection of Framepool's top quality HD images from wildlife to timelapse particularly valuable to advertising creatives. She went on to demonstrate how these images can be easily browsed on-line and downloaded for immediate use at both low and high resolution.

Also over from Germany was Corbis Motion's Volker Hummel. Together with Andrew Mitchell, who is now heading the new division of Corbis Motion, UK, he showed a clip reel of fascinating old public information films, dance, variety, music etc to modern quality timelapse cityscapes.

FOCAL were indebted to Jason Boney, Senior Internet Consultant at Globix for helping to organise the event and for his technical expertise which ensured that everyone's presentations ran smoothly.

Using the "speed dating" theme, Veronique Foucault and Julie Gambling of APTN (above) enjoyed "seducing" the audience with their libraries' diverse news and celebrities collection in a 'double act'.

Archive researcher Judy Patterson welcomed the chance to chat with Thomas Sewing. He had come over from Germany to give a taster of the broad range of footage which is now being made more accessible by the ZDF Archive.

Cyril Lollivier, seen here speaking to Globix' Jason Boney, presented the Gaumont-Pathé Archives, informing the audience of the wealth of material now available, much of it on-line, since the merger of these two great French libraries and the many unique collections that they include.

Following Patrick Smith's presentation of some of the highlights of the National Geographic TV & Film Library's collections, he was joined by Rita Costantinou of ITV Sport Archive (centre) and Nicola Goelzhaeuser all the way from Chicago (right) whose WPA Film Library National Geographic also represents in the UK.

Chris Blakeston's presentation of some of the Getty Images collection of images included a priceless public service film. It demonstrated a number of sexual positions that married partners might care to assume which he felt could have been useful if any of the audience had 'got lucky' that night!

As well as this, the audience was treated to a fascinating 'short' showing how creative producers INTRO had used clips to great effect when granted open access by Getty Images.

Robert Dewar (above) ran two very entertaining compilations of black and white footage from the beginnings of film through to the 1970s from the Huntley Film Archives collection.

Derek Blades of Images of War presentated a compilation of World War footage plus Sino-Russian and Korean conflicts contrasting with Berlin in the inter-war period. Afterwards there was time to network with content users such as Thomas de Keyser of Blue TV Distribution, seen here.

Details of all the companies mentioned above, plus the services they offer, can be found on the FOCAL web Directory and also, in the latest FOCAL International Members Directory 2004-05.


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