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Sponsors Make FOCAL's HMS Belfast Networking Event Best Yet!

1 July 2004

Thanks to the generosity of IRON MOUNTAIN, CLIPSTREAM, THE MACHINE ROOM, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TV & FILM LIBRARY, WPA FILM LIBRAY & ZDF ARCHIVE another great evening of food, drink and networking was had by the footage and archive fraternity.

 Main sponsors Iron Mountain were represented by James Walker (2nd right), Heidi Wilkinson and  Tony Byers  (left) and even the staff aboard HMS Belfast sported Iron Mountain T-shirts.




To add to the fun, CLIPSTREAM and THE MACHINE ROOM ran a raffle with prizes including an i-pod, 8 DVDs, excellent store vouchers, and a top prize of a laptop.

 Danny Whybrow, MD of The Machine Room (far left), together with David Atkinson (far right) presented the  main prize of  a lap top computer to one lucky winner.




  Another guest, Matt Wills, picked up a PDA from Clipstream's Paul Swaddle.




 £10 was well spent by Keith Tufano and Coral Benjamin of Granada International as each won a DVD and £150 store  voucher respectively.



 BSKyB's Margaret Cammiss seemed well pleased with her winnings - a DVD presented by David Atkinson and  Danny  Whybrow of The Machine Room




  Eagerly tucking into the hot curry meal was Dave Jordan and colleagues of BBC I&A




 David Cleveland of the East Anglia Film Archive taking a moment to relax with Amanda Mayne of the National Maritime  Museum during his busy week running the FOCAL FIAT Summer School



 FOCAL's Julie Lewis thanking Matt White of National Geographic TV & Film Library for their added sponsorship of the event  together with WPA Film Library and ZDF Archive who they represent in the UK.



 Mark Cox, MD Metro Broadcast with colleagues Paul Beale and Simon Hill (left to right).



 Angela Saward of Film Images with ITN Archives Larry McKinna and Stephen May of Abbot Data Store.





 Paul Collard of Soho Images taking a chance to catch up with Roger Beck of Technicolor.




 Robert Dungate of the BDFL with Bernard Kay and Jane Hatfield of Kays Publishing.




 George Hodek and Ladislav Sverstka of ISIFA Image Service had come over from Prague especially for the FOCAL  Footage Fair and networking opportunities - hopefully becoming FOCAL members soon!



 Lovely to see Gerry Weinbren of Index Stock Shots enjoying a night out with James Barker, Susannah Feder of BBC  Worldwide, plus Nicola Goelzhaeuser of the the WPA Film Library and Sascha Engling of AZ Media TV (right to left).



 Nick Reeve of BSkyB getting together with Ray Sidwell, CNN, UK, John Flewin and Tony Blake of Cambridge Multimedia




 Ian Morris of 3GX Mobile (left) with Chris O'Hearn (behind) and Julie Gambling (middle) of APTN, plus Chris Blakeston of  Getty Images, UK (in flowery shirt!).




 Ian Morris of 3GX Mobile (left) with Chris O'Hearn (behind) and Julie Gambling (middle) of APTN, plus Chris Blakeston of  Getty Images, UK (in flowery shirt!).




Details of all those companies highlighted in BOLD, plus the services they offer, can be found on the FOCAL web Directory and also, in the latest FOCAL International Members Directory 2004-05.


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