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BFI Team Wins Again!

1 December 2003



The winning team called "The Wonderful World of the Ant" made up of Gosta Johansson, Kathleen Luckey, Tracy Barry, Simon Baker.

Well if the British Film Institute can't handle tough questions on TV and film history, who can!


Amanda Huntley led the "Huntley Hunters" to 2nd place - helped a little perhaps with special guest James Smith?


The lads from Getty Images with their prizes.


Everyone concentrating hard as Quizmaster Dick Fiddy reads out the questions.


"The Young Ones" comprising Christine Whittaker, Cy Young, David Wyatt and James Barker pooled their many years of experience in archive research and production to come a gallant 3rd.


APTN's team led by Chris O'Hearn win a round.