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Audiovisual Library of the European Commission

BERL 04/274

Tel: +32 2 299 90 05



Audiovisual Library of the European Commission - showreel

87.000 digital photos, 250.000 negatifs, 80.000 videos and 26.000 audio files
Annual production of about 4500 videos, 20000 photos and 4000 audio files
Free access for journalists, scientists and anyone wishing to view the key moments of European Community history
Direct access via the website
Extensive retrieval facilities
Professional research advice
Easy download of the material in broadcast quality (MPEG2, MP3, JPEG) from the website

Conditions of use:
Audiovisual Library of the European Commission to be credited as source: (c) European Community.
Permission to use doesn't imply any transfer of rights nor any grant of exclusivity.
Material is offered free of charge for use in news and current affairs programmes on European Union themes. For use in other programmes please consult the European Commission's Audiovisual Library.
In no circumstances is the material to be copied, sold or loaned to a third party without prior authorisation by the Audiovisual Library of the European Commission.