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Gaumont Pathe Archives

24, rue du Docteur Bauer

Tel: +33 1 49 48 15 15


As the premiere source of moving images in black and white and colour, Gaumont Pathe Archives offers 110 years of political, economic, cultural and sports events in France and worldwide from 1895 up today. So Gaumont Pathe Archives has a wide core collection of 14,000 hours of footage in the form of illustrated news reports, documentaries, portraits and silent feature films. Gaumont Pathe Archives also represents several high quality contemporary collections dealing with fashion, music, nature and environment.
More than 250,000 references can be searched and screened online at .
Original 35 mm newsreels collections are now being transfered and can be delivered in 2k High Definition format.

Our collections include :

Cinematheque Gaumont
Through the richness of the Actualites Gaumont and the Eclair newsreels, this collection recalls the newsworthy events filmed since 1896. It also includes an impressive catalogue of short documentaries, portraits as well as the unique catalogue of Gaumont silent films produced between 1895 and 1930.

Pathe Archives
Irreplaceable testimony of the daily life and the great events of the 20th century, the Pathe collection Pathe offers the newsreels broadcast in theatres and cinemas from 1896 to 1980. Thousands of stories can be searched in the collections of the famous Pathe Journal, Pathe Revue or Les Actualites Feminines.

Arkeion documentaries
Arkeion overlooks the complete political, economical and scientific history of Tsarist then Soviet Russia from 1905 until nowadays with fifteen hundred hours of images. It also offers mileage of programs shot by the most famous directors of the Soviet era such as Dziga Vertov or Roman Karmen.

Sygma TV : the Cannes Film Festival TV press agency
Known as the official TV press agency of the Cannes Film Festival from 1983 to 1989, Sygma TV also produced more than 2,000 "people" stories, interviews of famous actors and directors as well as "making of" of prestigious movies for Canal Plus. More than 3,000 hours of rushes available.

The Gerard Bar David's "rock collection"
Gerad Bar-David, an internationally reknown rock journalist has gathered comprehensive collection of interviews and live sessions of the most famous artists and groups of the 80's and the 90's : Stevie Wonder, Texas, Eurythmics, Simple Minds, full list upon demand.
This amazing "rock collection" is now available in exclusivity through Gaumont Pathe Archives.

JL Productions : top fashion, hype'n glamour
As an independent reporter, Jean Luret has produced more than 500 hours of documentaries and interviews about fashion world and celebrities since the late 80's. This glamourous collections shows major top models in action as well as French and international "people" backstage.

Agence Environnement Developpement : the "green side" of the world
Producer of the "Gaia" documentary series aired on France 5, this press agency born in 1991 offers more than 200 hours of programs about sustainable development, biotechnology, energy, water, agriculture, recycling, etc

Amateur films collections : "undiscovered" treasures
Gaumont Pathe Archives also represents a bunch of amateur collections : Roger Pic (Cuba, Vietnam, Korea from 1964 to 1978, etc, Arthur and Alain Cellier (travelogs shot in coulour in the 30's, etc), Louis Estevez (Spain, Cuba from 1926 to 1964), Pierre Antoine (Indochina, Algeria from 1949 to 1962), Pierre Braunberger (documentary catalogue) and many more to discover.

Also available from Gaumont Pathe Archives :
The Gaumont and Pathe feature collections offers more than 1,500 hours of fiction films produced between 1895 and 1930 including the most famous pieces of the history of the cinema industry.

Arkeion Films : more than 2,000 titles of the Soviet film production from 1920 until 1980 including masterpieces of Eisenstein, Vertov, Bondarchuk, Tarkovsli, Mikhalkov, Konchalovski, ...

NBC News Archives ( for France and French-speaking countries)
All the most important events filmed by NBC News' teams for 75 years are now available through Gaumont Pathe Archives. NBC News Archives proposes its prestigious news programs : "Today" and "Meet the Press", its news series "Vietnam Weekly Review", "Tomorrow", "NBC White Papers", "The Religious Series", as well as Universal News Archives from the Twenties to the Sixties (rep for Europe only).

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)
The NFB is one of the most famous audiovisual institution worldwide. Its prestigious film library contains images from 1895 up today including the two world wars, the economic crisis, industrialisation, scientific discoveries, flora and animal life shot in 35 mm as well as in video HD.
This collection is available for the French speaking countries, Spain and Italy.