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Film Images (Paris)

3 bis rue Pelleport

Tel: +33 1 40 32 47 47



Film Images Paris - Showreel

Film Images (Paris) newest digital website is dedicated to our latest moving image collections and to viewing and downloading clips online. A wide range of subjects, countries and eras in motion: our film library offers a great choice of archival footage and of 35mm, 16mm or HD high quality stockshots from all over the world available in one click. Whether you are looking for newsreels, historical film content or contemporary moving imagery, we can provide you with pristine material and relevant footage selections. Our customer base reflects all fields of the film industry, from documentaries, television programmes to music videos, stage setting and long feature theatrical movies. Since it was first established in 1990, Film Images (Paris) have set goal to put the emphasis on access to film elements.Most of our sources, originating on 35mm, S35mm, 16mm, S16mm or even 70mm, have preserved negatives and original prints, so that now we can meet all demands for the latest high definition standards. Along with your online consultation please feel free to email us your request. Our research team will most certainly have additional "offline" footage to propose.