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Lobster Films

13 rue Lacharriere

Tel: +33 1 43 38 69 69


The Lobster collection is a gold mine of old images, in black and white or colour, from the birth of cinema to the beginning of the sixties, covering all genres and various topics. Silent and sound newsreels from 1896 to 1960 (especially the Universal collection), Documentaries about travel, industry and fashion, war films, cartoons, slapstick, jazz as well as music-hall shows from the turn of the XXth Century, westerns, adventure films and musicals from Hollywood's Golden Age, Soviet great classicals from Eisenstein to Dziga Vertov, French comedies of the thirties and forties, amateur films. Other collections from Blackhawk, Film Preservation Associates, the Conseil Général de Charente (René Charles Collection) and recently the Anne Collet Collection covering the History of the XXth century in USSR. Among the 20,000 titles of the collection, more than 4,000 hours were telecined from the best film elements existing. These images are in exceptional quality, all available today on Digital Beta and most of them shot-listed, to make up an archive library that can't be ignored.

Lobster is also a film preservation company. Recent restorations include Buster Keaton’s “The General” (Winner FOCAL International Award 2005 for Best Archive Restoration / Preservation Project) all Charles Chaplin’s shorts and features ( the Great Dictator, Modern Times, Gold Rush, the Kid etc.), “Visage d’Enfant” and “Crainquebille” by Jacques Feyder... Free database research is available on the website.