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Wilderness Films India Limited

1 Factory Road, Ring Road South
Adjacent Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi

Tel: +91 11 26191180
Mob: +91 98 100 19704


Wilderness Films India features the largest stock footage and stills archive on South Asia, in the world. We have over 4000 hours of copyright-owned footage on HDCAM, HDCAM SR, HDV and Digital Betacam. For the past seven years, we have entirely switched to 1080i HDCAM as a means of content acquisition and creation.

Apart from this, we have access to thousands of hours of news and historical footage. We have 90 broadcast camera units (of all formats- HDV, HDCAM SR, XDCAM HD and HDCAM), 20 editing setups, 10 crews, 50 freelance & 50 full-time staff, and a wide range of broadcast facilities across South Asia.

We shoot-on-order as well, often even on a no-commitment basis!We have all formats including Beta SX/SP, DVCAM, Digi Beta, HDCAM - both in PAL and NTSC, SDI standards conversion and post-production on all formats, including HDCAM and XDCAM HD.

Our stills library holds 750, 000 images on 35 mm and digital formats. We are currently digitizing all our broadcast content, and making this available over Blinkx and Flickr. (WFIL was an erstwhile premier partner with Google Video, but pulled off its content due to large-scale IPR violations over Google Video and Youtube.)

Our subject matter includes= birds, flowers, animals, mountains, HD time lapses, people, places, wilderness areas, Indian towns and cities, science, technology hubs, villages, tribes, historical and archival footage, adventure sports, aerials shot from our helicopters, heavy industry, business, stock markets, oceans and seas, underwater, landscapes, fishing, mountaineering, wildlife, insect-life, nesting birds, religion, agriculture, fruits and vegetables being grown, Nepal, Bhutan, the Himalaya, dance forms, music, art and culture, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, lifestyle, travel, landscapes, nature - and much more...

WFIL also licenses a large collection of completed films and rights managed and royalty-free stock footage. We look forward to hearing from you, be it for the smallest footage requirement of yours, or else for a large business collaboration. We are actively seeking out collaborations to market our HD stock footage resources, still stock and other production services. We're also looking to establish prominent international collaborations in the internet, mobile and television content spaces.

We recently established a business development team, with staff from the US, UK and India, based out of our New Delhi office, and we look forward to discussing collaborations and joint productions.

Among over 70 viral videos that we own the copyright to is the famous tiger attack video which has been viewed more than 250 million times over the internet, and has been licensed more than 20 times to various television networks.

WFIL was established in 1987 and became a public limited company in India, in the year 2000. Our new media associate company "The Asian Miracle" has been accorded the status of a STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) unit, with 100% income tax (waiver) benefits from the Government of India (GoI). The Green Card that we have been issued by the GoI entitles our company to the highest level of facilitation from all government departments and bodies in India.

Wilderness Films India has won a Telly award, we worked on a multiple Grammy nominated music project, and won the "National Tourism Award" from the Government of India in 2007, and the "Incredible India award" from the Ministry of Tourism, India. Rupin Dang, the Managing Director of WFIL and the promoter of The Asian Miracle was listed as the "Youngest Filmmaker in India" in the Limca Book of Records, is a Trustee of Future Generations India, and is currently a member of the National Tourism Advisory Council of the GoI, advising the government on tourism policy and creating TVC's and other media products for the "Incredible India" campaign.

We're the only media company in India that tracks its carbon footprint, and we're carbon negative by a factor of 90 times, as we have planted and continue to maintain private forests with over 50, 000 trees in New Delhi and the Himalaya, at our various wilderness and conservation land holdings... We ask that you join us in this endeavour, thus earning your company carbon neutrality in the process, and a permanent vacation home-cottage and camping grounds among our flowering tree Rhododendron forests and pheasant populations at 8000 feet in the Himalaya!

We're also active in a range of wildlife conservation and Himalayan initiatives, including a twenty year old search for the Mountain Quail, conservation of old heritage estates and abandoned tea gardens in the western Himalaya. Yet, our headquarters is far from wilderness- our office is located 200 meters away from the most expensive piece of commercial real estate in the world - a shop that rents for $200 per square foot per month!

To sum up, Wilderness Films India is active in productions, broadcast and television services, equipment rental, location services, fixing and permissions for filming in India, production and post-production, High Definition video hire, used and new broadcast equipment sales, broadcast stock footage and 35 mm/digital still stock imagery. We look forward to hearing from you...

  • Vibha Dang
    (Manager, Stock Footage Archive)
    Tel: ++91 11 26163766
    Mob: ++91 99 100 19704
  • Rupin Dang
    (Managing Director)
    Tel: ++91 11 26191180
    Mob: ++91 98 100 19704
    1 Factor Road, Ring Road South
    Adjacent Safdarjung Hospital
    New Delhi