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Kinolibrary Showreel

Kinolibrary's collections span the world and tell a century of stories. The award-winning team has made this goldmine of footage, much of it rarely seen or broadcast, easy and enjoyable to access. Using their expert knowledge of the collections, Kinolibrary carry out free research, sending bespoke clip compilations on demand.

Part of their collection contains films made by many wonderful unsung filmmakers of the last century. From an off-duty cameraman in 1960s North England, to the first man to win the Victoria Cross in World War II, to Essex locals shooting newsreels from the 1950s onwards, these films provide a fascinating personal perspective on our social history.

Kinolibrary's eclectic range of content includes UK lifestyles, around the world tours, America in Kodachrome and one of the largest amateur collections in the country. They have breadth but also a keen eye for unusual and humorous clips with rates to suit all budgets.

From 1920s Parisian fashion shows to 1990s illegal raves, Kinolibrary will help you find inspirational archive footage for any project.