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LOLA Clips

The Bloomsbury Building,
10 Bloomsbury Way Holborn
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7702654455
Mob: +1 818 388 4823



LOLA Clips Showreel

LOLA Clips is an exciting new footage agency based in London and LA, founded in 2015, by industry executives Sandra Coelho and Dominic Dare.

Our mission is to connect creative business professionals with unique high quality video from the best global contributors.

LOLA understands intellectual property and is highly experienced in dealing with complex rights issues. We are committed to this industry and work diligently with our clients from start to finish, whether they are established content partners, or individuals new to this business.

LOLA is passionate about moving image - it's not simply a commodity to us. Footage is everything, from the capturing of history, to the shaping of future cultures. It has the power to influence behaviour and can bring a tear to the eyes, or a smile to the lips in a matter of seconds. Footage takes real people to make it and the story of its journey, from camera to LOLA to you, is as important to us as the images themselves.

  • Dominic Dare
    (Co Founder )
    Tel: ++001 818 388 4823
    Mob: +++44 (0)7801 230 173
    United States
  • Sandra Coelho
    (Co Founder )
    Tel: ++44 (0)7702654455
    Mob: ++44 (0)7702654455
    The Bloomsbury Building
    10 Bloomsbury Way
    W1T 1AL
    United Kingdom