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Getty Images Showreel

Getty Images is one of the world's leading creators and distributors of still imagery, video and multimedia products, as well as a recognized provider of other forms of premium digital content, including music.Now including the incredible BBC Motion Gallery collection, we offer 2,000,000 creative, editorial and archival clips dating from the 1900's to the modern day, plus over a million hours of offline content.

Fully released high-def. contemporary creative footage includes premium quality content from house collections as well as key partners and over 200 independent film-makers. Our coverage ranges from model-released creative to contemporary news and entertainment, top-quality nature, aerials and historical material, including silent films, documentaries, Hollywood features and educational films.

Fully digital files are available with no transfer fees and full length digitised archive films can now be searched and selected in our new Video Vault. Users can also access rare footage beyond what is available online thanks to research assistance and deep-file analogue footage searches available from our highly experienced staff.

Collections include:
AFP Footage
AP Archive
Archive Films
BBC Motion Gallery
Discovery FootageSource
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Getty Images Editorial
Image Bank Film
iStock Footage (RF)
Red Bull
Petrified Films
Sky News HD
Time Image
Tribune Broadcasting
Universal Studios
Visit Britain
Warner Bros. Entertainment
WireImage Video