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This is intended as a dynamic dictionary of terminology, so if you think any terms should be added or amended please email


  • REDraw R3D
    Proprietary format straight out of the Red camera with minimal processing and compression, this is a master file format containing the highest level of detail/resolution for large screen projection. These files are commonly transcoded to ProRes or DNX to enable the cutting room and post production to be cost effective. Big budget productions reload these master files for the final process of post (grading) to produce the very highest image quality allowing the grader the full latitude of image detail to work with.

  • Research Fee
    Fee charged for providing research services to source footage or information about footage.

  • Rights
    legal or moral entitlements 


  • Satellite
    Television delivered by communication satellites (including free, pay per view and subscription) whether encrypted or not.

  • Stadiums
    See Public Exhibition.

  • Street Vision
    Audio-Visual content / Programme played to audience in fixed public in-door or outdoor area. See also Public Exhibition

  • Subscription TV
    Pay television or premium television refers to subscription-based TV services.Some providers offer channels owned by the same company in a single package.Premium services are almost always subscribed to a la carte.