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This is intended as a dynamic dictionary of terminology, so if you think any terms should be added or amended please email


  • Targa
    As TIFFs but also used in high quality moving image delivery with the ability to add Alpha channel (caption overlays).

  • Technical/Transfer Cost
    Costs charged by archive or copyright owner in addition to any licence fee to supply a copy of the requested footage to the client or licencee this generally covers the cost of film transfer, video duplication digital encoding or transfer 

  • Television Commercials
    Short film made exclusively to promote a particular product most commonly broadcast on television and at cinema regionally nationally or in specified territories - shown in ad breaks during or in between programmes. Distinguish from advertiser funded programme, documercials and advertorials - all broadly television programming produced and paid for by an organisation often to convey a message.

  • Terrestrial TV
    The exhibition of the programme within the territory by free VHF and UHF television broadcast stations, the signals of which are intelligibly receivable without charge by means of home roof top or television set built-in antenna.

  • Territory
    Defined area (including land and waters), usually a particular country or countries but may also be defined as groups of counties or types of broadcast for example Europe, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa, World excluding USA , British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) etc

  • Theatrical Audience
    Exhibition of the Programme to live audiences. A charge for admission may be made (e.g. in commercial cinemas) or not (e.g. in a museum auditorium) .

    Commonly used for print material this format allows high quality image to be manipulated in Photoshop ready for book publishing and giant poster printing.

  • Transit TV
    see In Flight


  • UMTS
    see Mobile


  • Video Installation
    Use of moving footage in the context of an art work.

  • Video on Demand rights (VOD)
    The right to transmit a programme to a viewer by any distribution systems, provided that the viewer views the programme in "real time" at a time chosen by the viewer.


  • WAVE or WAV file
    The file format of choice for high quality sound recording, allows the use of professional timecode to be embedded. Accepted across the globe with the added benefit of playback on most PCs and MACs, helpful for logging purposes.

  • Web Distribution
    Delivery of audiovisual content through the Internet.

  • Web Rights
    see Internet Rights


  • XDCam Sony
    A Sony MXF File format devised for location filming directly onto interchangeable optical disc cartridges, these discs could then be viewed and logged offline then fed directly to non-linear editing suites at faster than real time for immediate editing, making this format Ideal for reality, news and current affairs television production.