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Wilkinson, Gerard

C/o FOCAL International office
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)771 267 3325
Mob: +44 (0)771 267 3325

Film Researcher/Archive Producer with worldwide experience.  I have over 30 years experience, specialising in current affairs, 20th Century History, Social History and Music. I have worked extensively at the BBC and various leading independent production companies. I worked in the BBC History Department over a number of years as well as In- house Film Researcher at BBC Political Documentaries.
I clear footage for Worldwide Broadcast  as well as preparing budgets and program development and clearing third party rights. In depth knowledge of working with co-production partners such as Discovery and A@E. Finalist Focal International Film Researcher Of The Year 2015.



Rock Against Racism (Bad Bonobo Films , Feature Documentary )
The Last Miners (Keo Films , 2 part Documentary for the BBC about the closure of Kellingley Coal Mine. )
The Day The War Was Won-Battle Of Britain (Arrow Media/Channel 4. )
Battle Of Britain. The Last Few (Arrow Media/Channel 4. , Documentary about the last surviving pilots)
The Bohemians part 3. (Wingspan TV for BBC4. )
Women In The Arts (BBC Arts, 2015, Northern Women TV Writers. )
Legend Of Shorty. Chapo Guzman (Ronachan Films/Discovery Channel/Pacha Films/Film 4. , 2015, Directed by Angus McQueen. Feature Documentary Broadcast worldwide. )
Still The Enemy Within. The Miners Strike 1984-1985. (Bad Bonobo Films , 2014, Feature/Documentary. Winner Audience Award Sheffield Documentary Festival. Grierson Award Nominee-Best Historical Documentary.))
Inside Broadmoor (Wildfire TV for Channel 5. , 2 part documentary on the history of Broadmoor Hospital and violent medical disorders)
Henry Tandey WW1 VC Hero (BBC Factual/History)
Joan Bakewell At The BBC (BBC Arts )
Voices Of WW2- 6 part series (S4C. Cwmni Da Prods, WW2 Archive Testimony series )
Margaret Thatcher Obit. (Brook Lapping/Sky TV)
A Very English Winter. The Unthanks (BBC Music And Entertainment, English Winter Folk Customs presented by The Unthanks )
Dig WW2 (360 Prods/BBC Factual History, 3 part series with Dan Snow)
George Cross Heroes. Drama Documentary.Films (Dangerous Films/Discovery)
Surviving D-Day-Drama Documentary (Dangerous Films/Discovery)
My Family At War. . (BBC Factual /History, WW1 genealogy series )
Brick Lane Night- (BBC Factual, History Of Brick Lane )
Factory Records.Manchester from Joy Division to the Happy Monday's (BBC Music and Entertainment), Guardian Newspaper's Music Documentary of the year)
Timewatch- Inside The Mind of Hitler (BBC History)
Timewatch. Pol Pot (BBC History)
Timewatch. Tirpitz (BBC History)
Timewatch. The Great Storm ( BBC History)
Timewatch. Gallipoli (BBC History)
Timewatch. The Missing Ace (BBC History)
Political Mavericks (BBC Current Affairs)
Friends Like These- The French (BBC Current Affairs, With Michael Cockerell)
Trust Me I'm a Politician (BBC Current Affairs, With Michael Cockerell )
Hotline To The President (BBC Current Affairs, With Michael Cockerell)
Al Qaeda 2 part Doc with Peter Taylor (BBC 2)
100 Greatest Number One's. (Yorkshire TV/Channel 4 )
100 Greatest Feature Films (Yorkshire TV / Channel 4)
The Ladies Not For Spurning-Portillo on Thatcher (Liberty Bell Prods/BBC 4 )
Top Ten-series 1 - 5 part music genre list show . (Chrysalis TV/Channel 4 )
Century 5 part series (TWI/Pathe)