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Namihisa, Tomoe


Tel: +1 347-322-8849
Mob: +81 90 9374 8204

Freelance bi-lingual researcher and coordinator living in New York City and Tokyo.

Specialized in TV and Video productions: Research Data, Topics & Footage Archives; Coordinate and manage production shoot (especially on location shoot)...from hiring crew & equipment to scheduling and budgetting.

Have living/working experience in Europe (UK/ France/ German/ Belgium), America (USA/ the Caribbean/ Panama) and all over Japan.


Jonetsu Tairiku (TBS)
Kaikin! Maruhi Story (TBS)
News Zero (NTV)
Another Sky (NTV)
Dream Vision (NTV)
Super Morning (TV Asahi)
Wide! Scramble (TV Asahi)
News J (TV Asahi)
Hodo Station (TV Asahi)
New Kids' League (Fuji TV)
Sakigate! Music TV (Fuji TV)
Solomon's Style (TV Tokyo)
Katherine Jenkins/ East Village Orchestra (Panasonic Visuals Inc./ Pv Production)
Ship Doctor's Diary (Travel Documentary)