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Walton, Geoff

c/o FOCAL International
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7780748935

Fully proficient in all stages of archive production including budget planning, sourcing, third party/celebrity clearance, declarations and post-production paperwork.


The Trial of Ratko Mladic (Sandpaper Films/BBC, 2018, Archive Producer)
Pride of Britain Awards (ITV Studios, 2017, Archive Producer)
Diana, 7 Days (Sandpaper Films/BBC, 2017, Archive Producer)
Diana: In Our Own Words (Sandpaper Films/BBC, 2017, Archive Consultant)
Inside Windsor Castle (Red Planet Pictures/Channel 5, 2016, Archive Producer)
Faking It: Tears of a Crime (Shearwater Media/ITV, 2016, Archive Producer)
9/11: Truth, Lies and Conspiracies (Blakeway/ITV, 2016, Archive Producer)
Oscar Pistorius: The Interview (ITV Studios, 2016, Archive Producer)
Cliff Richard: An Exclusive (ITV Studios, 2016, Archive Producer)
Piers Morgan Meets Donald Trump (ITV Studios, 2016, Archive Producer)
Taking Flight - Britain's America Cup Challenge (Arrow/BBC, 2016, Archive Producer)
Nightmare on Everest (Arrow/Channel 4, 2015, Archive Producer)
Research Works (ITN Productions/Alzheimer's Research, 2015, Archive Producer)
A Night of Heroes - The Sun Military Awards (TwoFour/ITV, 2014, Archive Producer)
Meet the Psychopath (Wildfire TV/Channel 5, 2014, Archive Producer)
Traders (BBC , 2014, Archive Producer)
D Day: Last Letters Home (Shiver/ITV, 2014, Archive Producer)
Inside Holloway (Wildfire TV/Channel 5, 2014, Archive Producer)
Churchill, His Finest Hour (Shiver/ITV, 2013, Archive Producer)
Life on Death Row (BBC, 2013, Archive Producer)
Radley's: Where Are They Now (BBC, Archive Producer)
Rachel Bruno: My Dad and Me (BBC, 2013, Archive Producer)
This Morning (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2012, Archive Assistant Producer)
Piers Morgan's Life Stories (ITV Studios, 2012, Archive Producer)
Dancing on Ice (ITV Studios, 2012, Archive Producer)
Celebrity Come Dine With Me (ITV Studios, 2012, Archive Producer)
The Alan Titchmarsh Show (Spun Gold TV/ITV1, 2012, Archive Producer)
A-Z of Crime (Cactus TV/ITV3, 2011, Senior Archivist)
Daybreak/Lorraine (ITV Breakfast/ITV1, 2011, Picture Researcher)
Channel 4 News (ITN Productions/Channel 4, 2011, Library Researcher)
The Comedy Annual 2010 (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2010, Archive Producer)
Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon (Universal/David Gest Productions, 2010, Archive Producer)
Piers Morgan's World Cup South Africa (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2010, Archive Producer)
Tonight (with Trevor McDonald) (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2010, Archive Producer/Researcher, credited 2006-2010)
Trevor McDonald Meets David Cameron (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2010, Archive Producer)
To Catch A Paedophile (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2009, Archive Producer)
Dispatches: The Truth About Street Weapons (ITV Studios/Channel 4, 2009, Archive Producer)
Fiddles, Cheats and Scams (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2009, Archive Producer)
My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri's Story (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2009, Archive Producer)
Stockwell (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Real Crime (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2010, 2008-2010, Archive Producer/Researcher. 7 x 1 hour documentaries.)
The Most Annoying People of 2006 (Shine/BBC3, 2006, Archive Researcher)
Saturday Kitchen (Cactus TV/BBC1, 2006, Archive Researcher)
The British Book Awards 2006 (Cactus TV/Channel 4, 2006, Archive Researcher)
Richard & Judy (Cactus TV/Channel 4, 2003, Archive Researcher, credited 2003 - 2006)