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Anderson, Jim

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1925 765409
Mob: +44 (0)79 850 99788


Freelance Archive Producer, Assistant Producer, Producer/Director, Film and TV Researcher. Copyright Clearance. Programme Format Development and Consultancy. Budget Management. Specialties are Sport, Factual Entertainment, Documentary, Science, Art, Comedy and Light Entertainment. Knowledge of BBC programmes and systems, of 100s of archive sources worldwide, obtaining generated content and material from You Tube.



The Imitation Game (Oscar winner. 9 BAFTA nominations) (The Weinstein Company - Feature Film, 2015, Archive Producer)
How To Be Queen:63 Years and Counting (Doubleband Films/Channel 4 , 2015, Archive Producer)
Melvyn Bragg:From Wigton to Westminster (BBC, 2015, Archive Producer)
The Premiership's Greatest Foreign Players (Sky TV, Producer/Director/Archive Producer)
Of Time and the City (Premiered in Cannes) (Hurricane Films, Archive Producer/ Feature Film )
Stephen Hawking (FFP, 2014, Archive Producer)
Torvill and Deans Perfect Day (BBC, 2014, Archive Producer)
Dispatches: Nuclear Wargames, Woolwich Boston and The New Terror, Getting Rich on the NHS (Channel 4, 2013, Archive Producer)
The Lockerbie Bomb (STV, 2013, Archive Producer)
The Spirit of '45 (Sixteen Films/Ken Loach director, 2012, Archive Producer)
All Divided Selves (Tate Gallery short-listed for The Turner Prize , 2012, Archive Producer)
National Football Museum 50 + exhibits (National Football Museum, 2012, Archive Producer)
Perfect Sense (Sigma Fims, 2011, Archive Producer/ Feature Film first sceened at Sundance Film Festival)
Wheels of Fire (Nine Lives Media, 2010, Producer/Director)
Celebration of the Goal (Plum Pictures/ Worldwide TV, 2010, Archive Producer)
Genius of Britain (IWC/C4, 2010, Film researcher)
Women and Pop Art (Glenn Films/Ovation, 2010, Archive Producer)
Scots Who Made the Modern World (IWC/BBC, 2009, Film researcher)
Courage (Nike/worldwide, 2008, Film researcher)
Pedigree Dog Exposed (Passionate Productions/BBC, 2008, Film researcher)
Do Not Adjust Your Set (DVD, 2007, Producer/Director)
Roots Remembered (BBC, 2007, Film researcher)
Conspiracy Files (9/11 and Oklahoma Bomb) (BBC, 2006, Film researcher)
Correspondent (BBC, 2004, Film researcher)
Football Stories (Ricochet/C4, 2003, Co-Producer)
Stars Behind Bars (Unique/Worldwide, 2002, Assistant Producer)
BAFTA AWARDS (ITV, 2000, Film researcher)
Fever Pitch (Working Title, 1997, Film Researcher/Feature Film)
They Think Its All Over (Talkback/BBC1, Assistant Producer)
Fantasy Football League (Avalon/BBC, 1993, Assistant Producer)