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Lithgow, Lorna

30 Bloomfield Road
SE18 7JH
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7708 140673

Experienced using other UK and international footage libraries, I also have extensive knowledge of BBC archives and am familiar with Fabric and other BBC systems. I'm well-versed in tracking down rare footage, leaving no stone left unturned, liaising with contributors to secure access to private archives.

I'm confident managing archive budgets, handling license agreements and rights clearances, and negotiating usage fees. I have additional experience developing ideas for arts documentaries, winning several commissions from major TV channels.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, my other research specialisms include cultural history, art, cinema, design, photography and fashion.


My Generation - Music Campaign (BBC Creative , 2016, Archive Researcher)
Ron Wood Website (Munro Sounds/RSO, 2016, Archive and Editorial Researcher)
Our Queen At 90 (Oxford Film and Television, 2016, Archive Researcher)
Grimshaw Architects - Corporate Shorts (Oxford Film and Television, 2016, Archive Researcher)
Lenny Henry's Got the Blues (7 Wonder , 2015, Archive Researcher/Assistant Producer)
Danny Baker's Rockin' Decades (BBC TV , 2015, Archive Researcher)
Perspectives: The Great American Love Song (ITV, 2015, Archive Researcher/Assistant Producer)
Bright Lights, Brilliant Minds: A Tale of Three Cities (BBC TV, 2014, Archive Researcher/Assistant Producer)
Glastallica - Short Film (Julien Temple/Nitrate Films , 2014, Archive Researcher)
Imagine: Outsider Art (BBC TV, 2013, Archive Researcher/Assistant Producer)
Imagine: Rod Stewart (BBC TV , 2013, Archive Researcher/Assistant Producer)
Going Back Home - Music Promo (Julien Temple/Nitrate Films , 2013, Archive Researcher)
Innovations Brand Film (Red Bee Media/BBC TV, 2012, Archive researcher)
Imagine: William Klein (BBC TV, 2012, Researcher/Archive Researcher)
London Season Promo (Red Bee Media/BBC TV, 2012, Archive Researcher)
London Calling Brand Film (Red Bee Media/BBC Worldwide, 2012, Researcher/Archive Researcher)
Diamond Jubilee Promo (Red Bee Media/BBC TV, 2012, Archive researcher)
BBC Knowledge Brand Film (Red Bee Media , 2011, Archive Researcher)
Teenage (Documentary Feature Film) (Matt Wolf Films, 2010, Archive Researcher)
Glastonbury Promo (Red Bee Media/BBC TV, 2010, Archive Researcher)
Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation (IWC Media/BBC 4, 2010, Assistant Producer/Archive Researcher)
Imagine: Anish Kapoor (BBC, 2009, Archive Researcher/Researcher)
Seven Photographs That Changed Fashion (BBC TV, 2008, Researcher/Archive Researcher)
Call The Cops (BBC TV, 2008, Archive Researcher/Researcher)
Pop On Trial (BBC TV, 2008, Researcher/Archive Researcher)
Caledonia Dreamin' :The Untold Story of Scottish Pop (BBC TV , 2007, Researcher/Archive Researcher)
The Cinema Show (BBC TV , 2006, Researcher/Archive Researcher)
Mercedes interactive display at Brooklands Museum (Iso Productions, 2005, Archive researcher)
Crimes That Shook The World (IWC Media/Discovery Worldwide, 2005, Researcer/Archive Researcher)
Tales From Italy (IWC Media/BBC TV, 2005, Researcher/Archive Researcher)