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Blue Lucy

SW14 8JN
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 02088785313



Blue Lucy Ltd. Showreel

Blue Lucy has established itself as the 'go-to' partners for video tape digitisation, preservation and monetisation by offering a simple solution to the burgeoning issue. A range of tools have been specifically developed to reduce the operational cost of the bulk tape archive digitisation. The all-software based system is deployed on standard IT infrastructure which directly integrates with legacy hardware, such as VTRs and cassette robots to provide a highly automated and cost effective method to convert tape based material to the file domain. The toolset enables a true end-to-end capability from tape inventory management, through digitisation, quality assurance, lossless editing and content reformatting in one complete system.

Recent or historic media archives offer significant, and long term revenue opportunities. Blue Lucy provides easy to implement tools to enable a number of revenue models to be fulfilled with their StoreFront capability. StoreFront is a white-label content publishing and point-of-sale platform which provides a simple system for content owners to showcase and monetise their media catalogue. StoreFront enables content owners to realise the value of assets by providing a customised, branded public facing portal through which material may be searched, retrieved and purchased. Linking StoreFront to Blue Lucy Rights Management and Billing plug-ins allows for low transactional cost, low maintenance revenue channels to be created. Supported by accelerated file delivery, the latest Premium Video HTML5 enhancements utilising webCrypto for secure content streaming monetising what you already own has never been easier.