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Clayton-Jones, Lisa

c/o FOCAL International
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8346 2561
Mob: +44 (0)771 571 0845

Freelance film research, stills research, copyright clearances, rights negotiation and artists clearance.


Frontline: Secrets of the Vatican (Quicksilver Media, PBS and C4, Footage Researcher)
Murdoch, Battle with Britain (Genie Pictures, BBC2, Footage Researcher)
The Hidden Genocide (Out of Office Films, Al Jazeera, Footage Researcher)
The Damnation of Darwin (Rare Day, HBO, Footage Researcher)
Great British Story: A People's History (Mayavision International, BBC4, Footage Researcher)
Exposure, The World's Deadliest Arms Race (ITV1, Brook Lapping, Archive Consultant)
The Sex Researchers (Wag TV, C4, Footage Researcher)
The Camera that Changed the World (Lambent Porductions, BBC4, Footage Researcher)
Renaissance Revolution (Blakeway, BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Obama's America, the Price of Freedom (Oxford Film and TV, BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Dining With Terrorists (Out of Office Films, Al Jazeera, Footage Researcher)
Dispatches (Footage Researcher)
The Madoff Hustle (Blakeway, BBC2, Footage Researcher)
John Snow's Iraq (Footage Researcher)
Hitler's British Girl (Footage Researcher)
The Krays (Footage Researcher)
The Windsors (Footage Researcher)
Human Rights, Human Wrongs (Footage Researcher)
Moving Pictures (Footage Researcher)
A Loose Canon: Spike Milligan (Footage Researcher)
The History of Alternative Comedy (Footage Researcher)