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Cooke, Bentley

245 Andrew Street
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7921382965

BBC trained Archive Producer with over 10 years of experience of both BBC and ITV research systems. Specialising in music, cinema, comedy, history and motor-sports. Skills include programme development, script writing, edit producing, archive budget forecasting, sourcing and clearing footage, music and stills.

I can work with all formats from film to tape to digital and have a thorough understanding of copyright, fair-dealing, best endeavours, et al. I have established global contacts with all major archive suppliers and can negotiate heavily reduced rates. I have an excellent track record delivering productions on time and on budget.


Music For Misfits: The Story of Indie (BBC, 2015, Archive Producer)
Idris Elba: Mandela, My Dad & Me (Green Door, 2015, Archive Producer)
Music Box with Guy Garvey (BBC, 2015, Archive Producer)
Danger Decoded (National Geographic, 2015, Archive Producer)
Idris Elba: No Limit (Discovery, 2015, Archive Producer)
Car Crash TV (Channel 5, 2014, Archive Producer)
Racing Legends (BBC, 2014, Archive Producer)
Pop Slam (CBBC, 2014, Archive Producer)
Idris Elba: King of Speed (BBC, 2013, Archive Producer)
12 Again (CBBC, 2013, Archive Producer)
Fierce Earth (CBBC, 2013, Archive Producer)
Super Tiny Animals (ITV, 2013, Archive Producer)
William at 30 (ITV, 2013, Archive Producer)
Royal Babies (ITV, 2013, Archive Producer)
Britain in Bed (BBC, 2012, Archive Producer)
The Reel History of Britain (BBC, 2011, Archive Producer)
Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes (BBC, 2011, Archive Producer)
Outtake TV (BBC, 2010, Archive Producer)
The Story of Costume Drama (ITV, 2008, Archive Researcher)
Comedy Map of Britain (BBC, 2007, Archive Researcher)
British Film Forever (BBC, 2007, Archive Researcher)