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Helling, Robbie

326 Taft Avenue
CT 06604
United States

Tel: +1 203 579 8804
Mob: +1 203 451 0553

Over 20 years experience doing visual and content research for documentary, educational and multimedia productions, projects include: Racing Extinction: OPS/Discovery Channel, Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World to Play. Venus and Serena: 90 minute documentary, Morgenthau, Politics and Media: New York Times Television, Mouthpiece: Voice For The Accused, a four-part documentary series for The History Channel. Family Values: The Mob & The Movies, produced for TNT. Research and project development for Nighthawk Pictures/GTE, an interactive encyclopedic system: The American Presidents.Documentary: Never Give Up, produced for the Richard Nixon & Birthplace Foundation. Manager of Asset Research and Acquisition for Grolier Interactive.Projects included: The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Guinness Disc of Records and Grolier Science Fiction: The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. Other projects included for CPTV, WGBH & Maryland Public Television. Experience in production management and rights and clearances included. Main interest and expertise lies in historical and biographical work.


TV Land Confidential (Brainstorm Incorporated, Footage Researcher)
Motherland Afghanistan (Aubin Pictures, Footage Researcher)
Haiti: Democracy Undone (New York Times TV, Footage Researcher)
Picture History (Kunhardt Productions, Footage Researcher)
Politics and Media (New York Times Telelvision, Footage Researcher)
Mouthpiece: Voice For The Accused (The History Channel, Footage Researcher)
Family Values: The Mob & The Movies (TNT, Footage Researcher)
The American Presidents (Nighthawk Pictures/GTE, Footage Researcher)
Never Give Up (Richard Nixon & Birthplace Foundation, Footage Researcher)
The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (Grolier Interactive, Footage Researcher)
The Multimedia Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Grolier Interactive, Footage Researcher)
Various projects (CPTV, WGBH & Maryland Public Television, Footage Researcher)
Morgenthau (Dog Green Productions/PBS, 2013, Research Rights and Clearance Manager)
Venus and Serena (M&M/VSW Productions, 2013, Research Rights and Clearance )
Racing Extinction (OPS/Discovery, 2015, Archival Researcher, Rights and Clearances)
The Last Animals (Atlas Media/The Last Animals, 2017)