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Kandaurov, Alexander

Russian Federation

Tel: +7 495 318 6896 Home
Mob: +7 495 999 2978

Freelance Film and Video Researcher/Co-ordinator/Fixer/Location Manager. Many years experience of doing film archive research on requests from leading producers including NHK, ABC, BBC, CNN and others.

Was nominated for Emmy by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 2009 for Rape of Europa, PBS/Outstanding individual Achievement in A Craft: Research.


Destination Unknown (Gigatel CYF, UK, 2016)
SOUNDTRACKS (Show of Force, USA, 2016)
The Lost Tunnel (Lone Wolf Media, USA, 2016)
Stalin and The Doctors Trial (Medalia Productions, Israel, 2016)
Sow The Wind (Spring Films, UK, 2016)
The Flying Jew (IBA - Israeli Broadcast Authority/Israel, 2015)
Dispatches (Blakeway Productions/UK, 2015)
Wagenstein (Arcadia Pictures/USA, 2015)
Gamal Abdel Nasser (Filmmakers Collaborative/USA, 2015)
The Bomb (Lone Wolf Media/UK, 2015)
NASA's Unexplained Files (WAG TV/Discovery Communications, LLC/UK, 2015)
The 2000s: A New Reality (Nutopia Ltd./UK, 2015)
20th Century in Film series (NHK/Japan, 2015)
Jesus of Siberia (Renegade Pictures / UK, 2009, Footage Researcher)
Undercover History- Atomic Bomb (National Geographic Television / USA, 2009, Footage Researcher)
The KGB Dissident (DocSide Productions / France, 2009, Footage Researcher)
True Stories: Hunting For Red October (Blink Films / UK, 2009, Footage Researcher)
(National Geographic Television / USA, 2009, Footage Researcher)
The Defector (American Sterling Productions, 2007, Footage Researcher)
Lost Worlds (Atlantic Productions, 2007, Footage Researcher)
Situation Critical (Darlow Smithson Productions, 2007, Footage Researcher)
Weapons Races and Secret Weapons (Nugus Martin Productions, Footage Researcher)
Torn from the Flag (1956) (Windfall Films, 2006, Footage Researcher)
Cooking the History (Mischief Films, 2006, Footage Researcher)
The Good German (Warner Bros, 2006, Footage Researcher)
Nuclear Race (BBC TV, 2006, Footage Researcher)
Undercover History (National Geographic Television and Film, 2006, Footage Researcher)
World's Most Amazing Videos (Spike TV, 2005, Footage Researcher)
Rape of Europa (Actual Films, 2005, Footage Researcher)
Space Race (BBC Science, 2005, Footage Researcher)
Avoiding Armageddon (Safe World Productions / USA, Footage Researcher)