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Patterson, Judy

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8340 1130
Mob: +44 (0)7815 921 050

Freelance Archive Researcher/Consultant across a wide range of programmes and for exhibition production. Extensive experience in Documentary research and production and with international sources. Contact for full CV.


Story of Migration (developing museum project, Archive Research/Consultant)
Forgive Us (Delacroix Films - Feature Documentary -theatrical release -, Archive)
We Are Many (Amirani Films - Feature Documentary - theatrical release -, Archive)
Grand Isle (Juliet Brown Films / Spring Films - Feature Documentary - theatrical release -, Archive Consultant)
History of Communications (Tern TV - Corporate Films, Archive)
Ai Wei Wei's China (Sphinx Films - Feature Documentary. , Archive)
Chernobyl (Charity , Archive)
Clydebank Blitz (Finestripe Productions - BBC Scotland, Archive)
John Lennon (Finestripe Productions, Archive)
Dispatches - MOD (Blakeway for C4, Archive)
American Dream (BBC, Development then several months research. Archive based series, US post-war history: home movies, amateur film)
Balmoral (1 x 60 min history, BBC4 Blakeway)
Afghanistan - Mission Impossible (C4 Dispatches Blakeway)
China's Capitalist Revolution (BBC2 Brook Lapping)
The Qur'an: 2 hour Antony Thomas Film (Juniper TV Channel 4 / National Geographic)
Not Evil Just Wrong: Documentary Feature (Theatrical Release USA / New Bera Media / Esras Films)
Underworld Histories (National Geographic - Wall to Wall)
Iraq - The Reckoning (C4 Dispatches Juniper)
Jerusalem - An Anthem for England (BBC4)
Esperanto Story (Free History Productions (European Archives for US feature doc.))
The Heist 3 x 50' (Windfall Films for Channel 4 , Archive Consultant)
John Updike- American Storyteller (Juniper TV for Channel 4)
Kennedy Dynasty (BBC 3 , 2003)
DNA Story: 5 x 60' doc (Windfall Films for C4/WNET)
Blood and Fire, The Story of Jamaican Independence (BBC)
Bodysong (Hot Property Films for Film4)
From Here to Modernity 3x 60 (Wark Clements for BBC/OU - British Modernist Architecture)
Nobel Centennial Exhibition (Stockholm, Exhibition Consultant)
Mau Mau- Secret History (Lion Television for Secret History Series, C4)
The Dilapidated Dwelling (Patrick Keller/ Feature Doc- Illuminations for C4)
Windrush (4 part series, Winner RTS Awards 1999, Best Documentary series, Pepper Productions for BBC)