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Rosemary Rotondi - Archival Film and Photo Research

799 Greenwich Street
Apt 6S
New York
New York
NY 10014-1864
United States

Tel: +1 212 989 2025
Mob: +1 917 207 6818


Archival film, photo and network news researcher.

References available.



INSIDE JOB by Charles Ferguson (Academy Award for Best Documentary) (Representational Films , 2010, Footage, photo and headlines/articles research)
Bettie Page Reveals All (Mark Mori, Footage Researcher)
New York in the 50's (Betsy Blankenbaker/Figaro Film, 2000, Footage Researcher)
OUR NIXON (Penny Lane and Brian Frye, 2013, archival researcher)
TEENAGE (Matt Wolf and Jon Savage, 2014, Lead Researcher)
LET THE FIRE BURN (Jason Osder, 2013, Additional Research)
Herblock: The Black and the White (The Stevens Company, 2014, Archival film, photo and network news researcher)
CITIZENFOUR (Praxis Films, 2014, C-Span and network news research)
MAVIS! (Jessica Edwards, FilmFirst Company; HBO, 2015, Researcher)
DANNY SAYS (Brendan Toller, 2015, Researcher)
BEFORE THE FLOOD (Fisher Stevens, Leonardo DiCaprio, Insurgent Media, 2016, Researcher)
I AM REBEL (National Geographic Channel 4-part series, 2016, Researcher on all 4-parts of this series which aired June 2016)
RISK (Praxis Films/Laura Poitras, 2017, Network News Researcher)