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Smith, Declan

134 Coronation Avenue
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1548 831 450 / (0)20 7241 4510
Mob: +44 (0)7973 157 118

Film and Picture Research. Copyright Clearance. Good working knowledge of German, French and Italian.



Inside Obama's White House (Brook Lapping for BBC 2, 2016, Archive Researcher )
Commonwealth on Film (BBC 4 , 2014, Archive Researcher )
The World's War (BBC 2, 2014, Archive Researcher )
Iraq War (Brook Lapping, 2013, Archive Researcher)
Last Heroes of D-Day (BBC Factual , 2013, Archive Researcher)
Putin, Russia and the West (Brook Lapping, 2012, Archive Researcher)
Picture of London (BBC Arts, 2012, Archive Researcher)
Art of Germany (BBC Arts, 2011, Archive Researcher )
Iran's Rebel Voices (OR Media , 2010, Archive Researcher )
Iran and the West (Brook Lapping/BBC, Footage Researcher)
American Future (Oxford Film and TV/BBC, Footage Researcher)
Matt Frei's Berlin (BBC /Open University, Footage Researcher)
Saving Britain's Past (BBC /Open University, Footage Researcher)
Seven Ages of Rock (BBC Bristol, Footage Researcher)
Marvels of the Modern Age (BBC Arts, Footage Researcher)
Shepperton Babylon + Silent Britain (BBC Arts, Footage Researcher)
Whose Britain is it anyway (BBC Bristol, Footage Researcher)
Israel and the Arabs: Elusive Peace (Brook Lapping/BBC (Winner FOCAL Award for Footage Researcher of the Year and Best Use of Footage in a Current Affairs Production 2006), Footage Researcher)
Auschwitz - the Nazis and the Final Solution (BBC History, Footage Researcher)
Lost Highway-The Story of Country Music (BBC Bristol, Footage Researcher)
The Fall of Milosevic (Brook-Lapping for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
I met Adolf Eichmann (Brook-Lapping for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Endgame in Ireland (Brook-Lapping for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Reputations - Biographies: incl Muhammed Ali, Hitchcock, Liberace, Speer, Kinsey, Spock etc (BBC Documentaries, Footage Researcher)
A Night in With Alan Bennett/Granadaland/Cops on the Box (BBC Music and Arts, Footage Researcher)
The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart (BBC Music and Arts, Footage Researcher)
TV Heroes: Fanny Cradock, Pinky & Perky, Rolf Harris etc (BBC, Footage Researcher)
Bahaus, Face of the Twentieth Century (BBC Music and Arts, Footage Researcher)
Walking The (Berlin) Wall (BBC Music and Arts, Footage Researcher)