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Spindler-Brown, Angela

c/o FOCAL International
United Kingdom

Mob: +44 (0)7733 008782

Archive producer with wide experience of film and stills research, copyright clearance and fee negotiation in this country, USA, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Also possessing a comprehensive knowledge of television production techniques; since 1980 worked on historical, scientific and entertainment documentaries for UK and US broadcasters and independents. Has undertaken editorial research, set up filming and directed. Fluent in Russian and Czech.

RUSSIAN, CZECH, SLOVAK and passive understanding of other Slavonic languages, some French.


Comet Tails and Satellite Story (2x60 min) (BBC4/WW, 2007, Footage Researcher)
Classic Britannia (3x60 min) (BBC4, 2007, Footage Researcher)
Nuclear Race (5x60 min) (BBC2, 2006, Footage Researcher)
Very British Olympics 1948 (1x60 min) (BBC4/BBC2, 2005, Footage Researcher (FOCAL Awards))
How We Fell for Europe -1975 British Referendum (1x60 min) (Brook Lapping for BBC2, 2005, Footage Researcher)
Deep Space - UFOs and the Cold War (1x90 min) (Oxford Film and TV for C4 and History Channel, 2005, Footage Researcher)
Liberty Leading the People (1x60 min) (Fulmar TV for BBC2, 2005, Footage Researcher)
The Spectator Affair (1x60 min) (Oxford Film and TV for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
John Sweeney Investigates (3x52 min) (BBC2, 2005, Footage Researcher)
War At Sea (3x60mins History of the Royal Navy) (BBC2, 2004, Footage Researcher)
Clear the Skies: President Bush on 9/11 (BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Men from the Agency (Tiger Aspect for BBC4, Footage Researcher)
The Soviet Union's Last Stand- August 1991 (Touch Productions for BBC4, 2001, Footage Researcher)
The Search for Bluebird- Donald Campbell life story (BBC1, Footage Researcher)
Into the Arms of Strangers (Czech TV, 2000, Film research in Czechoslovakia winner of feature documentary Oscar 1999: Nazi gold (Czech part of the story))
Force More Powerful (York & Zimmerman for WETA, 1998, Footage Researcher)
Russian Roulette (danger of nuclear arsenal) (Windfall Films for C4, Footage Researcher)
Blueprint for Genocide (Auschwitz architects) (Horizon/BBC TV, 1995, Footage Researcher)
Hans Litten v Adolf Hitler: Stop a Tyrant (60 min) (BBC 2, 2011, Footage Researcher )
Operation Crossbow (60 min) (BBC 2 , 2011, Footage Researcher )
Howard Goodall's Story of Music ( 6 x 60 min) (Tiger Aspect for BBC 2 , 2012, Footage Researcher)
Perm Ballet, Russia (Rare Day Company, C4, 2013, Archive Producer )
The Rise of the Nazi Party (10 x 50min ) (World Media Rights for Discovery, 2013, Archive Producer )
PQ 17: An Arctic Convoy disaster (50 min) (BBC 2 , 2013, Footage Researcher)
Ancient Black Ops (10 x 50min) (World Media Rights for Yesterday , 2014, Archive Producer)
Ebola exposed (90 min) (Sky Vision TV Productions , 2014, Archive Producer)
Princes at War (internet trailer) (Bloomsbury Publishers , 2015, Footage Researcher)
Development, Arrow Media (National Geographic, 2016, Footage Researcher)
Wonders of Nature ( 6 x 30 min) (BBC 2, 2016, Footage Researcher)