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Stable, Victoria

c/o Focal International
N1 1TJ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7710 719 837

Archive Producer, research & copyright clearance, stills & footage. Programme treatments & script development.


'The Crown' (Left Bank Pictures for Netflix, 2016, Archive Producer - Series 1 & 2 - pre-production and documentary elements of this high profile drama series.)
'Afghanistan: The Lion's Last Roar?' (BBC2, 2014, Archive Producer - 2 x 60' - Britain's military involvement in Afghanistan )
"Get Folked: The Folk Revolution" (More4, 2013, Archive Producer - 1 x 60' music doc looking at the history of folk music and its current popular revival.)
'Simon Schama's Story of the Jews' (5 x 59' for BBC2 & WNET) (Oxford Film & Television, 2013, Stills & Archive Producer)
"Clive James: A Life" (ABC - Australia, 2013, Archive Producer - 1 x 90' biography)
'Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games' (London 2012 Ceremonies, 2012, Archive Producer)
"Prefaces to Shakespeare" 6 x 60' (Blakeway Productions for BBC/WNET, 2012, Archive Producer)
'Alan Turing: Britain's Greatest Codebreaker' (Furnace TV for CH4, 2011, Archive Producer)
'Festival of Britain: Tonic to the Nation' (The Proudfoot Company for BBC2, 2011, Archive Producer)
"BP: $30 Billion Blowout" - Money Programme Special (BBC, 2010, Archive Researcher)
Crude Britannia: History of North Sea Oil (3 x 60) (BBC Documentaries, Footage Researcher)
"The Satanic Verses Affair" (BBC2, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain - WWII - Ep 6 only 1 x 60' (BBC2, Footage Researcher)
9/11: Attack on the Pentagon (1 x 90') (Brook Lapping for Discovery, Footage Researcher)
Thatcher - Early Life (1x90') (October Films for BBC, Footage Researcher)
Gordon Brown: Where did It All Go Wrong? (1 x 46') (Dispatches: Brook Lapping for C4, Footage Researcher)
History of the Equal Pay Act (1 x 50') (for the TUC, Footage Researcher)
The Blair Years (3 x 55') (Juniper for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
The Rise & Fall of Tony Blair (3x60' docs) (Brook Laping for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Phantom of the Opera- 20 Years On (1x90'doc) (Brook Lapping for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
The Neo-Con Case for War (1x90') (Brook Lapping for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Married to the PM (1 x 60') (Brook Lapping for PBS, Footage Researcher)
Live Aid: Against All Odds (2x90' docs) (Brook Lapping for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Life at no. 10 (Flashback Television for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Jung Chang on Mao (1x30'); (Fulmar for CH4, Footage Researcher)
The Rotters' Club (3x60' (Company Pictures for BBC1, Footage Researcher)
Paul Burrell in His Own Words (1x60') (October Films for CH4, Footage Researcher)
In Search of Tony Blair (1 x 120') (Diverse Productions for CH4, Footage Researcher)
Private Life of a Masterpiece / Goya / Rodin (2x30' docs) (Fulmar for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
Maggie - the First Lady (4x 50') (ITV and WNET, Footage Researcher)
Dead in the Water (90' doc) (OR Media/BBC4/2, Footage Researcher)
The Real George V (90' doc) (Diverse Productions for BBC2, Footage Researcher)
The Edwardian Country House (6 x 50') (Wall to Wall for CH4, Casting and locations for major reality series)