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Tinkler, Mark

c/o FOCAL International
United Kingdom

Mob: +44 (0)7973 182924

Although a Producer/Director since 1990, I have kept up my earlier role as a successful film researcher on shows like "South Bank Show", "Alright on the Night" & "Clive James/Tarrant on TV", but working on archive for my own producing projects like James Bond, Serial Killer Profilers, 50 Years of Island Records, Marc Bolan & Barry Sheene - as well as archive producing other projects including advertising, webfilms, corporates, documentaries (inc primetime sports docs) and list shows.

As such, I am familiar with footage & stills archives around the world, meaning I know which ones to go to for news, which for sports, music, entertainment etc " I am also familiar with all film, tape & digital formats from 3D video formats to standard & super 8mm film.

With over 20 years experience as Producing/Directing, I also have a wealth of experience to draw on from understanding the importance of budgets & scheduling (appreciating tight deadlines!), and other areas of production, as well as all areas of post-production such as editing (also having worked as Edit Producer in AVID & FCP environments) as well as grading, scripting, dubbing etc.
Although based in Oxfordshire, I can commute to London and other parts of the UK but have often worked remotely.

A safe pair of hands with decades of archive experience…


The Killing of Jon Benet:The Truth Uncovered (Mills Prods for A&E, Archive Producer - researched & sourced archive for documentary retrospective on this cause celebre murder case.)
Dean & DeLuca US TV ad campaign (SLOimage for Dean & Deluca , 2016, Archive Producer)
Mary Berry's Easter Feast (Shine TV for BBC, 2016, Archive Producer)
Christmas with the Double Acts (Crook Prods for FIVE, 2015, Archive Producer - primetime list show turned round in 3 weeks)
That's So Last Century (Objective Productions for Channel 4, 2015, Archive Producer)
Genius with Stephen Hawking (Bigger Bang Prods for PBS & Nat Geo , 2016, Archive Producer - researching & sourcing archive for several eps in this major scientific series.)
The Times & Sunday Times: Unquiet Films series (Betsyworks & The Times Newspaper Ltd , 2014, Archive Producer - A series of short films celebrating The Times & Sunday Times covering a wide range of subjects from over the years.)
Greatest Stand Up Comedians (Objective Productions for FIVE, 2013, Archive Producer - Identifying & clearing clips with both archives & managements including such names as Eddie Izzard, Dave Allen & Billy Connolly in this 3 hour list show celebrating our greatest comedians.)
First Among Equals: The Laurie Cunningham Story (Fulwell 74 Prods for ITV, 2012, Archive Consultant:Sourced all archive for this critically acclaimed documentary on the 1st British soccer player to play for England at any level. Using cultural footage and sports footage from UK, Spain & France & others.)
Britain's Crime Capitals: Crime Map (Two Four Prods for FIVE, 2014, Archive Producer - Sourcing & clearing clips including CCTV & crime surveillance footage with only an 8 day production period.)
When Robbie Met James (Fulwell 74 Prods for Sky One, 2012, I Produced a 90 min special for Sky One which involved producing a longform interview with Robbie Williams & James Corden, along sourcing & clearing all the archival clips, and then edit producing the end result combining it with exclusive perform)
Vintage TV (Vintage TV, 2010, Billed as Music TV for the over 50s, I was asked to come on-board to advise and source archive material for a range of programming, as well as editorial input on content in shows.)
Behind the Music Remastered (MTV, 2010, I worked on the archive side on updating documentaries on Rick James, Ted Nugent & Pat Benatar.)
Keep on Running: 50 Years of Island Records (Double Jab Prods for BBC & Universal Music, 2009, Producer - A 90 minute doc celebrating 50 years of Island Records and the wide range of artists on the label. I also conducted/directed many interviews undertaking the majority of archive work (not 100% due to paternity leave!))
Andrea Bocelli: The Story Behind the Voice (Double Jab Prods for BBC & Sugar Music, 2007, Programme Consultant - Cleared the archive, Edit Producing the international version of the edit, undertaking all the dubbing and the voice-overs for this BBC special that aired on Boxing Day.)
Marc Bolan - The Final Word (Double Jab Prods for the BBC, Worldwide TV sales & NBC/ Universal DVD, 2007, Producer/ Director - Shooting in US & UK, interviewees included Tony Visconti, Harry Feld (Marc's brother), Gloria Jones (Marc's partner), Queen's Roger Taylor & others. As well as P/D-ing, I also did all the archive work on this fi)
Legacy - A personal History of Barry Sheene (Double Jab Prods for the Biography Channel, worldwide sales & DVD, 2007, Producer/Director - Using newly discovered home movies of Barry, this doc offered a personal look at Barry's life & times with his family, rival Kenny Roberts, Valentino Rossi, Murray Walker, Damon Hill and narrated by Ewan McGregor. I sourced al)
Paul Weller: Into Tomorrow (Double Jab Prods for BBC & Universal DVD, 2006, Archive Consultant -Using Paul's personal archive amongst others, I was able to locate many rare archive performances, many unseen in the UK before in this well-received BBC documentary.)
The World of Nat King Cole (Double Jab Prods for BBC/American Masters, worldwide TV sales & EMI DVD, 2004, Archive Consultant - Undertook all archive research & clearances on this 90 minute doc including locating Nat's very first TV show which had not been seen since it's original transmission as well as discovering his long lost personal archive)
Best Ever Bond (YTV for ITV1, 2002, Programmes Consultant - In addition to devising the format, I also contacted & liased with Eon Productions re archive access as well formulating a concept to help celebrate James Bond for this primetime special.)
Harry Hill's TV Burp (Avalon TV for ITV, 2001, Programme Consultant - I was asked to help out on the pilot of this BAFTA Award winning series by sourcing all the clips and Edit Producing the inserts - I worked closely with Harry & the writers, took a key role in 3 run-throughs & the recording )
Kirsty's Home Video (Carlton for Sky, 2001, Producer/ Director - I produced/directed the first of this long running series for Sky setting the style & content for this hugely successful archival programme, setting up the subsequent long-running series as well as sourcing archive.)
The World of the Secret Camera (Unique TV for BBC, 2000, Producer - Peaktime BBC1 Friday night, Noel Edmonds looked at hidden camera shows from around the world. I directed some stunts as well as working on the archive. My concept for this series was sold overseas which I Exec-ed. )
The Bee Gees Story (Carlton TV for ITV, 2000, I undertook all the archive research for the ITV network special that was then sold around the world.)
Simply the Best! LWT's Most Memorable Moments (LWT/ITV, 1998, Archive Prod & Prod/Dir - 60 min special celebrating 30 years of LWT. Hosted by Brian Conley with contributions from Melvyn Bragg & Ken Livingstone and loads of clips.)
Demis Roussos-Forever and Ever (BBC, 1997, Producer/Director - Part of BBC2's "Abigail's Party Night" on Abigail's favourite singer, I flew to Athens to interview the Greek legend in this documentary which looked the Roussos phenomena. And no, he'd never seen Abigail&)
In Search of James Bond with Jonathan Ross (LWT/ITV, 1995, I produced this look at the Bond films on the opening of "Goldeneye". Interviewees included Paul McCartney, Hugh Hefner, Famke Janssen, Sean Bean, Christopher Lee, Robbie Coltrane and Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton & Brosnan. Again, I did a)
It'll Be Alright on Xmas Night (LWT)
South Bank Show (LWT)
Clive James/Tarrant on TV (LWT for ITV, 1998, For many years, I was the film researcher on this long running Sunday night show and was often called back to help out...)