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Studwell, David

27 Springfield Road
TW11 9AP
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 36523129
Mob: +44 (0)7958 283529

Footage archive researcher. Skilled in all aspects of archive clearance. Edit producing, archive management and consultancy.


Now You See It (Objective Productions-BBC1, 2015, Archive Producer-Primetime magic series made up of UGC)
A&E in the Warzone (Oxford TV-Channel 4, 2014, Archive Producer-Current affairs documentary on the war in Syria)
The Rules of Abstraction (Blakeway Productions-BBC4, 2014, Archive Producer-Feature length documentary about abstract art with Matthew Collings)
Ocean of Air (BBC/BBC4, 2014, Archive Producer-Science documentary)
7 Days That Made the Fuhrer (Channel 5-Icon Films, 2013, Archive Producer)
American Blackout (National Geographic-Raw TV, 2013, Archive Producer)
Simon Schama: The Story of the Jews (BBC2-Oxford Films, 2013, Archive Researcher)
Hurricane Sandy: Anatomy of a Superstorm (BBC2-Dragonfly Films, 2012, Archive Producer)
9.79 (BBC4-Very Much So Productions, 2012, Archive Producer-Sport documentary about Seoul Olympic's 100m men's final.)
League of Their Own (Sky 1-CPL Productions, 2012, Archive Researcher)
Narrow Escapes (Yesterday-World Media Rights, 2011, Archive Producer-Major WW2 series. )
My Funniest Year (C4-Two Four Broadcast, 2010, Archive Producer-Comedy series. )
Shadows of Liberty (Docfactory-Cinema, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Boom Bang a Bang (Initial, 2007, Archive AP)
Richard & Judy (Cactus TV, 2007, Archive Producer)
Wogan Now and Then (Spun Gold TV, 2007, Archive AP)
Reporting The UK (BBC, 2006, Archive Researcher)
Flashframe (Celador, 2006, Archive AP)
Home (Endemol UK, 2006, Archive Researcher)
Greatest Ever Movies (Diverse Productions, 2006, Archive Researcher)
Scoop 50 Greatest Tabloid Headlines (2005, Archive Researcher)
TV's Greatest Moments (Objective Productions, 2005, Archive Researcher)