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Bell, Paul

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)777371 3849

Film & stills research and copyright clearance across all TV formats and feature films - assistant producer, writer & developer & freelance photographer - excellent industry contacts worldwide and available for work outside of London.


Senna (Working Title Films, Archive Producer)
Pranks / Goals Galore (BBC 3)
The Age of Stupid (Spanner Films)
Sport's Dirty Secrets (Class Films for Channel 4, Archive Researcher)
Are We There Yet? (BBC Current Affairs, Archive Researcher)
Five Ways To Save The World (BBC Current Affairs, Archive Researcher)
Victoria Cross Heroes (Empire Media Productions / Five, Archive Researcher)
Barry Norman's Movie Quiz (10:10 Productions, Archive Researcher)
James May's Motor Mania (10:10 Productions, Archive Researcher)
20th Century Battlefields (BBC Specialist Factual, Film Researcher)
Imagine;Perfect Disasters (BBC Arts, Film Researcher)
The Real Sopranos (Impossible Pictures for National Geographic, Film Researcher)
Killing Mum and Dad (Class Films for Channel 4, Associate Producer)
Pacific War: The Lost Evidence (Redback Films for Sky One, Film Researcher)
Lashings of Fun: The Story of Ask The Family (Flashback TV / The History Channel, Associate Producer & Archive Researcher)
Before The Flood (BBC Entertainment, Archive Researcher)
Seconds From Disaster (Stampede Productions / BBC4, 2004, Archive Researcher)
Reporters At War (Darlow Smithson Productions / National Geographic Channel, 2004, Archive Researcher)
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Truevision Productions / Discovery Channel, 2003, Archive Researcher & Assistant Producer)
Johnny Vaughan Tonight Show (BBC Entertainment / BBC2, 2003, Archive Researcher & Assistant Producer)
Sky News (World's End / BBC Entertainment / BBC1, 2002, Archive Researcher)
Image Bank & Getty Images (BSKYB, 2002, Senior Film Researcher)