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Halliday, Ruth

7 Pickering House
Hallfield Estate
W2 6HF
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7767398867


Film clip licensing, specialising in working in feature films and TV drama. Also general research, script clearances and music clearance and stills research and licensing.


In Bruges (Bell Tower Productions, 2006, film research/clearances)
Bourne Ultimatum (Universal, 2006, clearances)
Notes on a Scandal (Fox, 2005, clearances/researcher)
Munich (Steven Spielberg/Universal Films, 2005, researcher/clearances)
Children of Men (Universal Films, 2005, researcher)
Stormbreaker (Samuelson Productions, 2005, film researcher)
Glastonbury documentary (BBC co-production, 2005, clearances)
Notes on a Scandal (Fox Searchlight, 2005, film researcher/clearances)
Eddie Izzard Documentary (Ella Communications, 2005, film researcher)
Rag Tale (Pembridge Films, 2005, film researcher)
Life and Death of Peter Sellers (HBO, 2004, film researcher)
Closer (Columbia Tristar, 2004, film researcher)
Colour Me Kubrick (CMK(IOM)LTD, 2003, film & music researcher)
Spy Game (Universal Studios, 2001, film researcher)