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Drauschke, Frank


Tel: +49 30 48098620


Frank Drauschke is a highly experienced historical researcher, offering an all encompassing film and document research service for script-writers, producers and directors. The service includes "fact checking", which ensures the historical accuracy of documentary or feature film scripts and productions, advice on which props and costumes to use in the recreation of historical sets, people finding for witness testimony and the location and collation of documents and film material essential to the production in hand. Language and translation service, ensuring that documents are translated into English. Extensive knowledge of international archives, with specialist background in archive research in central and eastern Europe.

CLIENTS:Provobis Film; Concorde Filmverleih; L.E.Vision Film- und Fernsehproduktion; Südwestrundfunk;


NEXT FILM Filmproduktion; Buena Vista International Germany; BojeBuck Delphi Filmverleih; Stresh Filmproduktion.