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Hawes, Matthew

30 Westbury Road
N11 2BY
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 8829 0521
Mob: +44 (0)7903 911844

Archive and stills researcher, specialising in fast-turnaround documentaries and entertainment programmes. Will negotiate rates, manage budgets and make third-party clearances. Excellent knowledge of history, current affairs and popular culture.



Back In Time For Dinner (Wall To Wall/BBC Two, 2015, Archive Producer)
Strangeways: Britain's Toughest Prison Riot (Minnow Films/BBC Two, 2015, Archive Producer)
The Super-Rich And Us (Fresh One/BBC Two, 2015, Archive Producer)
See No Evil (Arrow Media/Discovery, 2014, Archive Producer)
Killing Me Softly: The Roberta Flack Story (Alleycats TV/BBC Four, 2014, Archive Producer)
The World's Most Extreme (Arrow Media/Travel Channel/More4, 2014, Archive Producer)
Boeing 747: The Plane That Changed The World (Arrow Media/BBC Two, 2014, Archive Producer)
Terror In The Skies (Arrow Media/Channel 4/Smithsonian, 2013, Archive Producer)
The Crime Thriller Club (Cactus TV/ITV3, 2013, Archive Producer)
Inside Waco (Arrow Media/Discovery, 2013, Archive Producer)
Ultimate Warfare (Arrow Media/Discovery, 2012, Archive Producer)
The House The '50s Built (Wall To Wall/Channel 4, 2012, Archive Producer)
9/11: The Lost Tapes (Arrow Media/Discovery/Channel 4, 2012, Archive Producer)
The Comedy Annual 2011 (ITV Studios/ITV1, 2011, Archive Producer)
Target: Bin Laden (Nutopia/History Channel/Channel 4, 2011, Archive Producer)
Tornado Rampage 2011 (Darlow Smithson/Discovery, 2011, Archive Producer)
Frank Skinner's Opinionated (Avalon TV/BBC2, 2011, Archive Producer)
The People's Detective (Cactus TV/ITV3, 2010, Archive Producer)
Heaven 17: The Story Of Penthouse And Pavement (Strong Productions/BBC2, 2010, Archive Researcher)
Bloody Foreigners: The Polish Battle Of Britain (Darlow Smithson/Channel 4, 2010, Archive Researcher)
Micro Men (Darlow Smithson/BBC Four, 2009, Archive Researcher)
High Seas Heroes (Somali Pirates documentary) (Darlow Smithson/Discovery, 2009, Archive Researcher)
The Fallen (Iraq/Afghanistan War documentary) (Minnow Films/BBC2, 2008, Archive Researcher)
Jonathan Ross Salutes Dad's Army (Hot Sauce TV/BBC1, 2008, Archive Producer)
Locked Up Abroad (Raw TV/National Geographic, 2008, Archive Researcher)
Last Orders (part of the BBC's White Season) (Century Films/BBC2, 2008, Archive Researcher)
The Alan Titchmarsh Show (Spun Gold TV/ITV1, 2007, Archive Producer)
Boom Bang A Bang (Endemol/UKTV Gold, 2007, Archive Researcher)
Whatever Happened To Gareth Gates (Century Films/ITV1, 2006, Archive Researcher)
The British Book Awards (Cactus TV/Channel 4, 2005, Archive Researcher)
Richard & Judy (Cactus TV/Channel 4, 2002, Archive Producer)
Fame And Fashion (Carlton Television/ITV1, 2002, Archive Researcher)
The John Thaw Story (Carlton Television/ITV1, 2002, Archive Researcher)
Sport Addicts (Unique TV/Challenge, 2002, Archive Researcher)
The Frank Skinner Show, Series 5 (Avalon/ITV1, 2001, Archive Producer)
This Morning (Granada/ITV1, 1995, Archive Researcher)