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Oxley, Martin

c/o Focal International Office
79 College Road
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 3178 3535

Light Entertainment and Factual Entertainment Producer experienced in both setting up new programmes/series and continuing existing shows in most strands of the genres. Proficient in creating running orders, production scheduling, production costing, budget management (up to and over £1 million), location directing, on-line and off-line directing and post production edit and sound dubbing management, team management and recruitment, game and strand development, script writing and editing, and studio gallery producing.


The Alan Titchmarsh Show Series (Spun Gold Television, Series Deputy Editor)
Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter/ The baby Diaries (CAN TV, Producer and Edit Producer)
Wogan Now and Then Pilot, Series 1 and 2, and Dallas Special (Spun Gold Television, Producer)
UK TV Christmas Intertitials (Spun Gold Televisions, Producer)
Strangely Talented (Spun Gold Television, Producer)
Amir's Twelve Angry Men and Andy Mcnab's Special Forces (Spun Gold Television, Development Producer)
Who You Calling Stupid? (Diverse Production, Producer/ Director)
Kirsty's TV Meltodown (Target Entertainment, Producer)
Celebrities Exposed (Target Entertainment, Archive Producer)
Britains's Wildest (September Films, Producer)
I'm the Answer (Unique Television, Associate Producer)
Most Outrageous Live TV Moments/ Quiz Show Moments (NBC Studios LA, Segment Producer)
Sci Fi Rules (Rapido TV, Associate Producer)
Coming up, get the Pictures, Take 2 (Carlton Television, Producer)
People Do the Craziest Things (Carlton Television, Producer)
Springer (Calrton Television for ITV, Researcher)
TV's Naughtiest Blunders 1, 2, and 3 (Calrton Television for ITV, Senior Researcher and Associate Producer)
Tarrant on TV (London Weekend Television, Senior Researcher)
Animals do the Funniest Things (ITV, Researcher)
TV Nightmares 2 (ITV, Researcher)