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Heaney, Stuart

c/o FOCAL International Ltd
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7821 202594
Mob: +44 (0)7821 202594

Archive film, video, stills and music researcher. Specialist in music, arts, history, cultural history and current affairs. Clearances also a speciality. Experienced in accessing American Public Domain footage and accessing free footage from product manufacturers and other US government sources. Experienced film and video archivist, previous employers include world famous rock band The Who and Meher Baba film archives and the BBC. Graduate of the University of East Anglia Film Archiving MA programme where I made a student video with 1960s Swinging London documentary filmmaker Peter Whitehead, who allowed me open access to his remarkable personal film archive.


BFI Screenonline and Mediatheque (British Film Institute, Clearances of material in all collections)
Situation Critical (Darlow Smithson Productions (13 x 60') for the National Geographic Channel, 2007, Archive Researcher)
The Real Phil Spector (Darlow Smithson Productions, (1 x 60') for Channel 4, 2007, Archive Research and delivery paperwork)
The Lost Evidence: The War in Europe (Flashback TV (12 x 60') for the History Channel, 2006, Film Researcher)
Biography: Cat Stevens (Flashback TV (1 x 60') for the Biography Channel, 2006, Film Researcher)
Top Ten Weapons, Series 3 (Flashback TV (3 x 60') for the Discovery Military Channel, 2005, Film Researcher)
Pacific: The Lost Evidence (Flashback TV (10 x 60') for the History Channel, 2005, Film Researcher)
Top Ten Weapons, Series 2 (Flashback TV (3 x 60') for the Discovery Military Channel, 2005, Assistant Film Researcher)
KS4 History: The Cuban Missile Crisis (Flashback TV (2 x 15') for Teachers' TV, 2005, Film Researcher)
O Parvardigar (Meher Baba Film Archive International (1 x 15') film restoration and DVD release for Eel Pie Recordings, 2003, Production Assistant)