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Read, Beatrice

NW10 5DE
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 07841595210

Experience in a variety of programming including documentaries (current affairs, history, science and music), dramas and commercials. Skilled in handling complicated clearances including third parties and delivering programmes to budget.


Drug Lords (Netflix, 2017, Archive Producer)
Three Identical Strangers (Raw TV, 2017, Archive Producer)
LA92 (Lightbox/National Geographic, 2016, Archive Researcher)
various US commercials (Stalkr, Archive Producer)
Prince of Pennsylvannia (Raw TV/ESPN '30 for 30', 2015, Archive Producer)
Mona Lisa Takes New York (Christie's , 2015, Archive Producer)
The Little Master (ESPN '30 for 30', 2015, Archive Producer)
The Possibilities are Endless (Pulse Films/Theatrical, 2014, Archive Producer)
Blackout (Raw TV/Channel 4, National Geographic, 2013, Archive Producer)
Zumba Madame (Raw TV/TLC, 2013, Archive Producer)
Sandy: Anatomy of a Superstorm (Dragonfly/BBC2, 2012, Archive Producer)
The Town That Caught Tourette's (Raw TV/Channel 4, 2012, Archive Producer)
9/11: Heroes of the 88th Floor (Darlow Smithson/TLC, 2011, Archive Producer)
Seconds From Disaster (Darlow Smithson/National Geographic, 2011, Archive Researcher)
Mermaids (1 x 90) (Darlow Smithson/Discovery, 2010, Archive Researcher)
What the Green Movement Got Wrong (Darlow Smithson/Channel 4, 2010, Archive Researcher)
British Muslims (Gazelle Media, 2010, Archive Researcher)
Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny (1 x 90) (Moriah Films, 2009, UK based Archive Researcher)
Blur: No Distance Left To Run (1 x 90) (Pulse Films/Cinema release, BBC, 2009, Archive Producer)
True Stories (5 x 60mins) (Blink Films/Smithsonian, Five, History Channel UK, Disco Canada, BBC Worldwide, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Big, Bigger, Biggest (Windfall Films/National Geographic Int, Five, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Breakout (Raw TV/National Geographic/ITV4/CBC, 2009, Archive Researcher)
Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash (Darlow Smithson/Channel 4, Discovery, 2009, Archive Producer)
Atlantic Convoys: The War at Sea (Darlow Smithson/Channel 4, The History Channel, Smithsonian, National Geographic International, 2008, Archive Researcher)
Rutka's Diary (1 x 40 mins) (Darlow Smithson/BBC, 2008, Archive Researcher)
The Diary of Anne Frank (5 x 30 mins drama) (Darlow Smithson/BBC, 2007, Archive Researcher)
Impact Earch (1 x 90 mins drama) (Darlow Smithson/Discovery/Five, 2007, Archive Researcher)
True Heroes (20 x 30 mins) (Darlow Smithson/Discovery, 2007, Archive Researcher)
Buzz on the Moon (1 x 50 mins opera) (Tiger Aspect/C4, 2006, Archive Researcher)
How Music Works - Howard Goodall (4 x 60 mins) (Tiger Aspect/C4, 2006, Archive Researcher)
Scary Movie: A History of Fear (1 x 120 mins) (Visual Voodoo/C4, 2005, Archive Researcher)