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Ricketts, Deborah

1015 Chelsea Avenue
Santa Monica
United States

Tel: +1 310 586 6880
Mob: +1 310 293 4674

Experienced archive image researcher


White House Down (Sony Pictures, 2013, Footage Researcher)
The East (Fox Searchlight, 2013, Footage Researcher)
The Newsroom (HBO Programming, 2013, Archive Research and Clearance)
True Blood (HBO, 2013, Footage Researcher)
Argo (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2012, Footage Researcher)
Game Change (HBO Films, 2012, Footage Researcher)
Big Miracle (Universal Pictures, 2012, Footage Researcher)
When You're Strange (Wolf Films, 2011, Clearance Supervisor)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Twentieth Century Fox, 2011, Footage Researcher)
Wall Street 2 (Twentieth Century Fox, 2010, Footage Researcher)
Big Love (HBO, 2011, Footage Researcher)
Morning Glory (Paramount Pictures, 2010, Footage Researcher)
2012 (Columbia Pictures, 2009, Footage Researcher)
This Is It (Sony Pictures, 2009, Footage Research & Clearance)
W. (Lionsgate, 2008, Footage Researcher)
I'm Not There (Weinstein Co, 2008, Footage Researcher)
Recount (HBO, 2010, Footage Researcher)
The Wizard of LIes (HBO, 2017, Archive Researcher)
When We Rise (ABC Studios, 2017, Archive Researcher)
Kong: Skull Island (Legendary Entertainment, 2017, Archive Research and Clearance Main Title sequence)
Rules Don't Apply (New Regency, 2016, Archive Supervisor)
Trumbo (Bleecker Street Entertainment, 2015, Archive Supervisor)
Bridge of Spies (DreamWorks, 2015, Stock Footage Researcher)
Straight Outta Compton (Universal Pictures, 2015, Archive Researcher)
Aloha (Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2015, Archive Researcher)
Tomorrowland (Disney, 2015, Archive Researcher)
Inherent Vice (Warner Bros., 2014, Footage Researcher)
Rosewater (Oddlot Films, 2014, Stock Footage Researcher)
Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight (HBO, 2013, Archive Researcher)
Parkland (Playtone, 2013, Archive Researcher)
Quarry (Cinemax, 2016, Archive Researcher)
The Night Of (HBO, 2016, Archive Researcher)
All The Way (HBO, 2016, Archive Researcher)
Confirmation (HBO, 2016, Archive Researcher)
Big LIttle LIes (HBO, 2017, Archive Researcher)
Show Me A Hero (HBO, 2015, Archive Researcher)
The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC Studios, 2015, Archive Researcher)
Battle of the Sexes (Fox, 2017, Archive Researcher)
Behind the Candelabra (HBO, 2014, Archive Researcher)
Greek Wedding 2 (Universal Pictures, 2016, Archive Researcher)
Hemingway & Gellhorn (HBO, 2014, Archive Researcher)
Killing Reagan (NatGeo, 2016, Archive Researcher)
True Detective (HBO, 2015, Archive Researcher)