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For a fast and FREE way to find the Researchers, Archive Producers, Rights Clearance specialists, Consultants and Facilities that you need, simply fill in the form below. Your request will be sent direct, via email, to the relevant FOCAL International members and, if you choose, appear on the FOCAL International website for other members only to see. If you choose this option for the vacancy to also appear on the website for all members, then they will have the facility to apply online.

While you are waiting for a reply, we suggest that you browse through our Skills & Services Directory for contact details of all our skilled professional members and to view a brief description of the services provided by each.

Employers Guide to Footage Researchers

The following are a range of basic skills that FOCAL International’s Individual Members – Footage Researchers / Archive Producers / Consultants can offer. However, it is vital that employers should acquaint any prospective employee with details of budgets and production schedules when discussing the fee and general conditions of employment.


  • manage and oversee entire archive budget for programme or series
  • manage and train junior film researchers if required
  • advise on total costs for research, technical transfers & royalties according to the rights required
  • research and locate suitable footage to a particular brief
  • provide viewing material for the producer
  • trace and identify copyright owners and negotiate licence fees
  • identify third party clearance requirements (including format rights, artists, writers, music and musicians) and then cost and negotiate fees where not covered by blanket agreements
  • offer knowledge of and advice concerning Fair Dealing and other copyright anomalies
  • cost the footage chosen by the producers
  • license the clips for the rights required by the broadcaster
  • have technical knowledge of formats and be able to oversee transfer of chosen clips to master material
  • oversee and advise the editing of archive material
  • provide detailed logs of all tape / film transfers
  • provide details of footage used, licences and clearances obtained, and all supporting documentation
  • issue footage returns to the libraries/archives or other rights holders

The level of responsibility you require from your Footage Researcher will be reflected in their fee. Some Footage Researchers will be happy to give you a budget for archive for your project at an early stage in the production and to let you know what kind of footage will be lengthy or expensive to clear. By consulting an archive professional at an early stage you may save a great deal of time and money.

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