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The Jane Mercer Footage Training Grant

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FOCAL International has established, in memory of Jane Mercer, a grant which is intended to provide assistance to those wishing to further their professional development in the audio-visual footage industry.          

The grant is aimed at those individuals who are either intending to develop a career in the audio visual footage industry or who are currently working in the industry. These include, but not exclusively, film/photograph archives, film/photograph libraries, research (film/photographs), film laboratories, facility houses, broadcasters and production companies. Its purpose is to provide financial support (although assistance in kind is also offered) in order to assist an individual to pursue a chosen area of academic or vocational development in the relevant industries and to highlight FOCAL International’s role in, and commitment to, training. Applicants will have to demonstrate that their chosen development programme has a direct association with audio visual footage or archives.

An individual grant will provide up to £1000 to assist in meeting training needs.
Assistance in kind, such as a FOCAL International Footage Training Week placement or attendance at a FOCAL International organised seminar, may also be considered.

**Closing date for 2017 applications 31st March 2017**

About Jane Mercer

Jane Mercer was passionate about the archive and content industries. She began her career with Associated Rediffusion Television, later working at the British Film Institute as Press Officer and in the 1970s moved into film research. During the course of her career she worked for all the UK major television companies and in the mid 1990s began teaching a short course at the National Film and Television School. This led her on to do similar work at the BBC, ITN, PACT (the Producers Alliance for Film and Television) and the European Documentary Network. Jane was Chair of FOCAL International 2000-2005, during which time she championed professional development and training. She received the FOCAL International Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. Jane’s words sum up her passion and beliefs: ‘I believe deeply and passionately in what FOCAL is and does and I think that the world of footage libraries and archives, unlike much of the media industry, has a community of aims and ideas and a generosity of spirit which makes working for it not only a great responsibility but also a huge pleasure’.

Eligibility to apply for a grant:
Any individuals currently working in what FOCAL International recognises as the audio visual footage or archive industries or any individual intending to pursue a career in such an industry. The grant is available to those seeking academic or vocational training, whether this is college or industry based. There are no minimum educational requirements for applicants. Applicants do not need to be members of FOCAL International, but if not, the successful applicant (s) will become an associate member for one year.

Individual grants of up to £1000 will be made each year at the discretion of the FOCAL International Training Committee and similarly at least one placement on the FOCAL International Training Week will be made available.

Using the online application form, outline what your current position is, why you wish to pursue a particular course - whether in education or industry - and how FOCAL International might best help. You should also state what you see as your future role within the industry or associated areas. In addition to the above, but contained on a separate page attached through your browser, you must give a detailed breakdown of the costs you are likely to incur, including any course costs, travel, accommodation etc and in what area of expenditure the grant might assist you (max 1000 words). Applications must also be accompanied by a current curriculum vitae.

On completion of training, the successful applicant will be required to submit a written report to FOCAL International of at least 1000 words, detailing the training received and its benefits to both the individual and the audio visual footage or archive industries.

Closing date: 31st March 2017
All applications will be reviewed by the FOCAL International Training Committee and they will endeavour to notify applicant(s) of the outcome by 1 May 2017. The Committee’s decision is final. Before applying please call or email Madeline Bates, General Manager - Outreach, at the FOCAL office to discuss your application. 

Apply Online

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Thank you for your application.

Providing that your application has been received by the closing date of 31st March 2017, it will be reviewed by the FOCAL International Training Committee and successful applicant (s) will be notified. If you have not heard anything, please contact the FOCAL office on: +44 (0) 20 3948 1588 or

The Committee’s decision is final.

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