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Exclusive Stories to the News Exchanges of the EBU

7 January 2009

When it comes to being first to break exclusive stories for the world's broadcasters, one international video news agency has dominated television screens worldwide for the tenth year running.

AP Television News, the international video division of The Associated Press, outpaced its agency competition by providing over 786 more exclusive news stories to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in 2008.

The EBU draws agency content from AP Television News and Reuters, as well as from many European broadcasters. The EBU's definition of an 'exclusive' is a story which scoops the competition either on content or speed. AP Television News was 786 exclusives in front in 2008, scoring 4324 versus Reuters' 3538.

Sandy MacIntyre, AP Television News' Director of News, said: "To record such a large margin of victory for as many years as we have shows a consistency and quality which puts AP Television News in a strong position to win the continued loyalty and patronage of our customers in tough economic times. If a broadcaster can only afford one agency it must surely pick the one which is clearly ahead competitively year after year."

In 2007 the margin of victory was 939, in 2006 it was 602, and between 2005 and 1999 it was 678, 595, 750, 634, 716, 507 and 323 respectively.

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AP Television News is the international television division of The Associated Press.
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