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The London Archive Film Festival 3-5 May

11 April 2012

                                                                    THE LONDON ARCHIVE FILM FESTIVAL
                                                                                    3-5 MAY 2012
                                                              THE LONDON TRANSPORT MUSEUM CINEMA
                                                       THE PIAZZA, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON WC2E 7BB

The London Archive Film Festival aims to showcase international archive-based documentary and short productions, some of which never get a showing in the UK. Most films screened at the Festival will be accompanied by a question and answer session with the director.

The Festival is an event for anybody who is interested in contemporary creative media that relies on archival footage as a narrative vehicle. It is organised in association with archive industry organisation, FOCAL International, whose annual award ceremony celebrates the very best in archive-based productions and from whose nominees the Festival films are selected.

Just a sample of this year's Festival includes 'Cinema Komunisto' (Mila Turajlic, 2010) a documentary exploring the history of Yugoslav cinema which won Best Use of Footage in an Arts Production in 2011. The film uses rare footage from dozens of forgotten Yugoslav films as well as never-seen-before archive from film sets and Tito's private screenings.

Nominated in the Best Use of Archive in a Factual Production 2012 category is a film out of Portugal entitled 'Lost and Found: Nazi Wolframite' directed by Amelia Moura Ramos. It is the story of wolframite (tungsten) mining during the Second World War in rural Portugal when the mineral was realising record sums and fostering illegal mining activities.

UK-based production company Testimony Films presents The Bert Trautmann Story, the extraordinary story of a German paratrooper turned goalkeeping legend. From Hitler Youth to prisoner of war to Wembley glory, it’s an epic story of war, love and triumph against the odds.

From the Netherlands, Karel Doing presents 'Liquidator', a short film that defies categorization; is it restoration or art? Karel based his project on a nitrate print of a 1922 film about Haarlem by Dutch film pioneer, Willy Mullens where many of the original images had deteriorated but in the process had revealed stunning visual effects.

In 'The Boy Who Was King', a Bulgarian production where past haunts present, fact meets fiction and myth rivals reality to tell the fascinating story of Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, from his exile as a boy-king through his glorious return as a republican politician to his fall from grace in one of the greatest experiments of democracy today. Terrific archival footage used to tell the remarkable life story of the former Bulgarian boy-king-turned-PM.

On Saturday, 5 May Paul Bell, Archive Producer on ‘Senna’, leads a workshop on his work on the most successful British documentary ever made. He is joined by Mila Turajilic, director of Cinema Komunisto and Karel Doing, director of Liquidator. This will be an opportunity to learn the archive film-makers art from initial research to picture lock.

Contact: Alison Mercer
T: 07973 387610