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Thriving Archives Releases Footage Customer Survey Results

10 February 2009

An independent market research study examining the things that matter most to footage customers, The Footage Customer Survey: Non-Fiction Producers USA provides key insights into footage customer preferences, helping footage companies better serve their customers.

The Footage Customer Survey: Non-Fiction Producers USA provides critical insights into what matters most to footage customers; which footage companies are doing the best job of meeting their needs; and overall levels of customer satisfaction.

The 122-page report is packed with eye-opening, practical and action-oriented findings. By providing a clearer picture of what motivates footage customers and prospects, The Footage Customer Survey will help footage executives:

• Better meet customer needs and desires
• Determine where best to deploy resources
• More effectively position themselves within the market
• Enhance their overall competitiveness
The Footage Customer Survey examines the attitudes and perceptions of footage customers from the documentary film/non-fiction program making community in the United States.

Research Objectives

The Footage Customer Survey explores customer perception of the relative importance of, and satisfaction with, the following six key attributes:

• Footage Quality and/or Selection
• Reasonable and/or Flexible Pricing
• The Availability of Online Tools
• The Quality of Customer Service
• The Availability of Broadcast Quality Digital Footage
• The Availability of High-Definition Footage
The survey also drills down to investigate the relative importance of various components underlying the six key attributes listed above and assesses customer perception of how leading footage companies are performing.

Answers to Essential Questions

The Footage Customer Survey provides answers to an array of essential questions including:

• What features and services are most important/least important to footage customers?
• Which footage categories are most in demand?
• How satisfied are footage customers with the features and services currently provided by stock footage companies?
• What pricing factors are most important?
• How frequently do footage customers shop around for the lowest prices?
• Which online tools are most important/least important to footage customers?
• How important is customer service?
• Which footage companies are doing the best job of meeting the needs and expectations of footage customers?
• How are most footage customers initiating footage searches?
Find the answers to these and many other important questions in The Footage Customer Survey: Non-Fiction Producers USA.

How to Purchase Your Copy

To purchase a PDF copy of The Footage Customer Survey: Non-Fiction Producers USA, please click here now.

Price: $625

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