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BBC Resources Becomes 'BBC Studios and Post Production' Under New Leadership

2 April 2009

BBC Resources is merging its Studios and Post Production divisions and has appointed a new leadership team, reporting to CEO Mark Thomas.

Craig White and Clive Hodge have been appointed Head of Operations and Paul Austin, and John O’Callaghan have been appointed Head of Commercial Management. From the beginning of April, the new team of four will work across both Studios and Post Production, to build a single, dynamic business, better able to respond to the changing needs of its customers and to the challenges of the evolving market.

The company currently operates three identities: BBC Resources, BBC Studios and BBC Post Production. To reflect the organisational change and to clearly signal to customers that it is one business and a one-stop-shop for their studio and post production needs, the company name and logo is being changed. From the start of April, BBC Resources’ trading and registered name will become BBC Studios and Post Production Ltd.

Mark Thomas, CEO, says: “We have exceptional talent in Studios and Post Production and I believe we now have the right leadership team in place to take the business forward. We are at the beginning of the reinvention process. We are not yet ready for a complete identity change and full rebrand, however I believe BBC Studios and Post Production is the right name for where we are now – it is who we are as we come together –a straightforward name change that best reflects our business today.”

About BBC Studios and Post Production
BBC Studios and Post Production Ltd is a commercial subsidiary of the BBC, offering world-class creative and technical production solutions to the media industry. Working in partnership with a broad range of media companies, it helps create content across all genres for a variety of broadcasters, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five and Sky.

Its studios and post production facilities support many of the UK’s favourite TV shows – including EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing, as well as complex live productions such as Children in Need and the Beijing Olympic Games and award-winning drama and natural history programmes, such as Criminal Justice and Planet Earth.