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Framepool partners with National Film Board of Canada

1 April 2009

Framepool, the footage collection run by filmmakers, has entered into a sales and representation agreement with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Canada’s public film producer and distributor. Framepool now offers content from the NFB via its online portal, to make it accessible to filmmakers and new media professionals from all industries.

The NFB produces and distributes innovative, socially relevant documentary, animation, alternative drama and digital media productions. It has earned international acclaim for the imaginativeness as well as the artistic and technical excellence of its work. In total, the NFB has produced over 13,000 productions which have won over 5,000 awards so far including 12 Oscars.

Along with the digitization of its material, the NFB opens its collection for online sales via Framepool. On, filmmakers and new media professionals have immediate access to a huge range of NFB content. Even more can be made available offline through the Framepool research department. The historic clips of World War I and II and the comprehensive insights into the global society of the twentieth century are especially worth mentioning as they represent topics of great interest today.

“Our collection represents premium motion content in terms of quality, creativity and uniqueness. One can see that Framepool is run by filmmakers who are as passionate when it comes to films as we are at the NFB. That’s why we have partnered with Framepool,” explains Johanne St-Arnauld, Director General, Distribution, at the NFB.

“The National Film Board of Canada is highly respected for its award-winning productions. No wonder that we are really pleased about this new partnership – and I am sure our customers will agree. It has never been easier to access one of the most valuable footage collections in the world and to find the perfect clip to enrich individual projects in a very efficient way. We are proud to make this possible,” says Dr. Stephan Bleek, CEO at Framepool.

The National Film Board of Canada
The world changes, our stories live on – that’s the National Film Board of Canada’s pledge to Canadians as it marks its 70th anniversary in 2009 with a new national online Screening Room and a slate of bold, innovative productions. Canada’s public film producer and distributor, the NFB produces and distributes social-issue documentaries, auteur animation, alternative drama and digital content that provide the world with a unique Canadian perspective.
In collaboration with its international partners and co-producers, the NFB is expanding the vocabulary of 21st century cinema and breaking new ground in form and content, through community filmmaking projects, cross-platform media, interactive cinema, stereoscopic animation – and more. To watch over 900 productions online or for more information, visit

FRAMEPOOL – The Footage Collection Run By Filmmakers
Framepool is one of the largest online collections of motion content. 500,000 clips from numerous thematic areas are available for immediate download at The portal enables filmmakers from the advertising, film and TV industry as well as new media professionals the cost efficient and practical realisation of their concepts.
Framepool was founded in 2001 as a joint project by two filmmakers, Ulrike Ziegler and
Dr. Stephan Bleek. Today the company manages licensing, research and rights clearance of motion content and holds offices in Munich, London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami as well as representatives and partners in several parts of the world.