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Janet McBain steps down from Scottish Screen Archive and Film Archive Forum

28 March 2011

BAFTA Award winning curator Janet McBain is to retire from the film industry after 35 years of 'tirelessly' promoting footage libraries.

Janet established the Scottish Screen Archive in the 1970s, when the original collection was stored in a garden shed. She has worked as the Senior Curator ever since and the archive is now responsible for more than 32,000 films covering 100 years of Scotland's history.

Janet described her career as: "an interesting and enervating lifetime in the joys, travails and eccentricities of film archiving."

The Scottish Screen Archive say their collection represents: "the achievements of Scottish film-makers in the craft of film production". The library has footage from all genres, including the 1964 The Beatles Come to Dundee.

Irene O'Brien, of the Scottish Council on Archives, said: "Janet has worked tirelessly to promote film archives and the sector in general. She has been on the Council since its inception and brought her wonderful expertise to the table."

Janet is also stepping down from the Film Archive Forum UK and will be replaced by Ruth Washbrook.

Murray Weston, the Chairman of the Forum, said: "Janet has lived the full story of British film and television archives from the mid 1970s until now. I am certain I speak for everyone when I say we will really miss her and her sage advice."

Janet's career has been commemorated by the BBC at