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Cinematographer Martin Lisius captures first-ever tornadoes on 3D for StormStock

23 June 2011

Battling high winds and blowing dust, cinematographer and storm chaser Martin Lisius captured the first-ever 3D tornado footage this week in Nebraska. In all, Lisius managed to capture and photograph three tornadoes which were spawned by a potent storm system that tracked across the Plains on Monday. The most significant tornado lasted 20 minutes and derailed a train and caused damage to area farms. In addition to the tornadoes, Lisius shot 3D footage of supercell thunderstorms, downpours and dramatic lightning this spring.

About StormStock: StormStock is the world’s premier collection of weather imagery. Founded in 1993 by cinematographer Martin Lisius, StormStock includes tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, stormy seas, blizzards, disasters and sky elements. Lisius is responsible for photographing the first-ever violent-class tornado and Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on Super 35mm. StormStock is part of Texas-based Prairie Pictures, Inc.