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Thriving Archives Launches Footage Buyer Survey

2 April 2008

Survey to provide insight into footage buyer preferences and help footage companies better serve their customers. Participants to receive discount footage coupons from major footage suppliers.

San Francisco, CA - Thriving Archives is pleased to announce the launch of the Footage Buyer Survey – Non-Fiction USA, an independent market research study examining the things that matter most to footage buyers.

The Footage Buyer Survey is open to documentary filmmakers, producers of non-fiction television programming, footage researchers and other members of the non-fiction film & video production community in the United States who have licensed or obtained footage within the last three years. Respondents who fully complete the Footage Buyer Survey will receive three discount footage coupons, each from a major footage supplier.

“The Footage Buyer Survey is designed to help footage providers understand what footage customers care about, what they don’t, and who is doing the best job in meeting their needs,” said Thriving Archives founder David Seevers. “By participating in this study, respondents will provide the critical feedback footage suppliers need to better serve the footage buying community.”

Built around an online questionnaire consisting of 45 mostly multiple-choice questions, the Footage Buyer Survey explores the importance of specific footage industry practices, services and features; examines how the leading companies in the industry are performing relative to these key practices, services and features; and determines levels of customer satisfaction. For the purposes of this study, “footage” includes premium stock footage, news footage, archival footage, sport footage, or any other type of third party motion content.

The Footage Buyer Survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. A link to the survey can be found at

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